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AMD Renoir Architecture: Ryzen 4000 APUs with Zen 2 and Vega Graphics in 7nm

Currently three versions of Renoir APUs are planned according to AMD:

  • 15 Watt U series: For thin and light laptops. The TDP can be configured from 12 to 25 Watt and the high end version offers all 8 CPU cores. The base clock speed however is rather low, and depending on the cooling solution the long term performance may suffer.
  • 35 / 45 Watt H series: Currently two versions are known of. The 35 (HS) and 45 Watt (H) versions should offer a similar performance level and offer very similar specifications. The 35 Watt versions could use selected chips. Interestingly the fastest version at launch (Ryzen 7 4800H) won't include all GPU cores, as AMD rather shifts power to the CPU cores. For the intended gaming and creator laptops, dedicated GPUs are usually used, so this should be not an issue. A Ryzen 9 version could come at a later date.
  • 65 Watt D series: Intended for desktop PCs with a higher TDP and most likely higher clock speeds than the H series. Should use the existing FM4 socket.

Zen 2 CPU Architecture

Zen 2 Microarchitecture
Zen 2 Microarchitecture

The Zen 2 cores have been introduced in the Ryzen 3000 desktop chips (Matisse, e.g. Ryzen 9 3900X) and were able to significantly improve the IPC (instructions per clock) speed and catch up and partly even overtake the Comet Lake IPC speed.

Integrated graphics card, still Vega based

The integrated graphics card in the new Renoir chips is still based on the Vega architecture (5th generation of GCN) and not the new Navi (RDNA architecture). Interestingly, it looks like the CU (compute unit) count was not increased and for the first models even decreased. However, the GPUs now clock higher across the board thanks to the new 7nm process. Therefore, we do not expect high leaps in the GPU department, but it should still position itself on top of iGPUs.

Features of the SoC

Information on additional features of the SoC are still scarce. The integrated dual channel memory controller supports now power efficient and fast LPDDR4X-4266. PCI Express 4.0 however is not supported by Renoir (in contrast to the desktop Ryzen 3000 Matisse chips). Thunderbolt or WiFi should not be integrated in the chip (in contrast to Intel Ice Lake, that partly integrates both).


Thanks to the fast Zen 2 processor cores (and eight of them), the new 7nm process and design improvements, the Renoir chips look to be a very strong contender to Intel H and U chips (especially Comet Lake based). First benchmarks from AMD (Cinebench R20) show excellent performance for the top models of the U and H series. AMD also advertises a 2x improved performance per watt for Renoir compared to the previous generation. 30 percent of that are contributed on IPC and design improvements and 70% on 7nm process gains.

However, it always depends on the implementation in laptops on how much of the potential can be unleashed.

PosModelL2 Cache + L3 CacheTDP WattMHz - TurboCores / ThreadsCinebench R15 CPU Single 64BitCinebench R15 CPU Multi 64BitCinebench R20x264 Pass 1
AMD Ryzen 9 4900H4MB + 8MB453300 ‑ 44008/16
AMD Ryzen 9 4900HS4MB + 8MB353000 ‑ 43008/16
AMD Ryzen 7 4800H4MB + 8MB452900 ‑ 42008/16
AMD Ryzen 7 4800HS4MB + 8MB352900 ‑ 42008/16
AMD Ryzen 7 4980U4MB + 8MB152000 ‑ 44008/16
AMD Ryzen 7 4800U4MB + 8MB151800 ‑ 42008/16
AMD Ryzen 5 4600H3MB + 8MB453000 ‑ 40006/12
AMD Ryzen 5 4600HS3MB + 8MB353000 ‑ 40006/12
AMD Ryzen 7 PRO 4750U4MB + 8MB151700 ‑ 41008/16
AMD Ryzen 7 4700U4MB + 8MB152000 ‑ 41008/8
AMD Ryzen 5 4680U3MB + 8MB152200 ‑ 40006/12
AMD Ryzen 5 4600U3MB + 8MB152100 ‑ 40006/12
AMD Ryzen 5 PRO 4650U3MB + 8MB152100 ‑ 40006/12
AMD Ryzen 5 4500U3MB + 8MB152300 ‑ 40006/6
AMD Ryzen 3 PRO 4450U2MB + 4MB152500 ‑ 37004/8
AMD Ryzen 3 4300U2MB + 4MB152700 ‑ 37004/4
(-) * Smaller values are better. / n123 Number of benchmarks for this median value / * Approximate position

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AMD Renoir APUs (Ryzen 4000) with up to 8 Zen 2 CPU cores and an integrated Vega GPU.

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LG Ultra PC 14 review: Stamina meets performance

84% LG Ultra PC 14 review: Stamina meets performance

Portable "heavyweight". Great stamina for on the go – this is something we can attest to for the Ultra PC 16. Its smaller 14-inch brother offers even more of that, lasting five hours longer than the LG gram 14 on a single charge. In this review, we'll discuss how the Ultra PC 14 achieves this it and why its performance comes close to that of a 35-watt Intel 12th gen CPU.
AMD Ryzen 7 5825U | AMD Radeon RX Vega 8 (Ryzen 4000/5000) | 14.00" | 1.3 kg
Sebastian Jentsch, 31 Jan 2023 05:59
The UM480 has come to Europe. (Source: MINISFORUM)

MINISFORUM Venus series of Ryzen-powered mini PCs' most affordable variant is released to the European market

MINISFORUM has announced that the least expensive version of its 'Venus' (or UMxx0) mini PCs is now shipping to Europe. The Ryzen 7 4800U-powered compact desktop can support triple 4K monitors, has dual USB type C ports, 2.5 Gigab...
Deirdre O'Donnell, 13 Oct 2022 16:38
3D V-Cache coming this April? (Image Source: WCCFTech)

Prices and specs for AMD’s Ryzen 7 5800X3D along with three new Ryzen 5000 and three more Ryzen 4000 desktop-grade SKUs leak out

AMD's first 3D V-Cache processor will apparently cost US$449 and is rumored to launch on April 20. There are an additional three Ryzen 5000 mid-rangers plus three more Renoir-based Ryzen 4000 entry-level models complete with price...
Bogdan Solca, 08 Mar 2022 20:45
The Beelink SER4 is only available with the Ryzen 7 4800U. (Image source: Beelink)

Beelink SER4 launched with an AMD Ryzen 7 4800U, 32 GB of RAM and a 500 GB SSD for US$699.99

The Beelink SER4 is a 126 x 113 x 40 mm mini-PC that packs a powerful AMD Renoir APU. Along with a Ryzen 7 4800U, the SER4 has 32 GB of RAM, a 500 GB NVMe SSD and numerous ports. The Beelink can power three displays simultaneously...
Alex Alderson, 11 Feb 2022 14:48
The Beelink GTR4 is only available in one configuration. (Image source: Beelink)

Beelink GTR4: AMD Ryzen 9 4900H powered mini-PC arrives for US$799.99 with 16 GB of RAM and 500 GB of storage

Beelink has started selling the GTR4 mini-PC globally. The Ryzen 9 4900H machine runs to US$799.99 with 16 GB of DDR4-3200 RAM and 500 GB of NVMe storage. The Beelink GTR4 is approximately 10% slower than the GTR5, which has a Ryz...
Alex Alderson, 08 Feb 2022 18:20
A leaked CPU-Z benchmark reveals the performance of AMD's upcoming budget APU Athlon Gold Pro 4150GE (Image: AMD)

Upcoming AMD budget APU Athlon Gold Pro 4150GE hits nearly 3.8 GHz on CPU-Z

After pictures of AMD's new APU have already surfaced a couple of weeks ago, a leaked CPU-Z benchmark entry now appears to confirm the technical specifications and unveil the performance of the affordable Athlon Gold Pro 4150GE pr...
Enrico Frahn, 31 Jan 2022 23:29
AMD has three low-cost Renoir-X CPUs in the pipeline (mage via own)

AMD reportedly working on three new desktop processors based on the Renoir-X architecture

The AMD Ryzen 7 4700, Ryzen 5 4600 and Ryzen 3 4300 are said to be in the works, according to a new leak from BiliBili. All three desktop processors will be based on the Renoir-X architecture, have their iGPUs disabled and have a ...
Anil Ganti, 15 Jan 2022 17:58
HP has launched the Omel 45L gaming desktop globally (image via HP)

CES 2022 | HP Omen 45L: Pre-built gaming desktop launched globally with high-end Intel, Nvidia, and AMD hardware

The HP Omen 45L will be available in select regions starting January 5. One can configure it with up to an Intel Core i9-12900K, GeForce RTX 3090, 1TB NVMe SSD, and an 800W power supply. Prices start at US$1,899 for the entry-leve...
Anil Ganti, 04 Jan 2022 19:10
The MAG Trident S now has a Ryzen 7 5700G APU. (Image source: Wccftech)

MSI MAG Trident S: Delayed compact PC upgraded to the AMD Ryzen 7 5700G, no release before 2022

MSI still intends to release the MAG Trident S, nearly a year after its announcement. The 2-litre desktop PC has been upgraded from a Ryzen 7 4700G to the newer Ryzen 7 5700G, but its release is still a way off.
Alex Alderson, 09 Dec 2021 18:46
Gigabyte is working on several different versions of the RTX 3080 12 GB and the RTX 3070 Ti 16 GB. (Image source: NVIDIA)

Gigabyte prepares to release several different SKUs of GeForce RTX 3080 12 GB and GeForce RTX 3070 Ti 16 GB

Gigabyte has filed a listing with the EEC, confirming many different variants of its upcoming RTX 3080 12 GB and RTX 3070 Ti 16 GB GPUs. There are ten SKUs of the new RTX 3080 and six of the still unannounced RTX 3070 Ti.
Fawad Murtaza, 08 Dec 2021 22:24
Minisforum EliteMini HM90

Review of the Minisforum EliteMini HM90 desktop PC with fast AMD Ryzen APU

Office or Multimedia PC? Minisforum has launched the EliteMiniHM90 mini PC, a fast desktop computer based on an AMD Ryzen 9 4900H. We will talk about the advantages of the small PC and whether it is worth buying in this review.
AMD Ryzen 9 4900H | AMD Radeon RX Vega 8 (Ryzen 4000/5000) |
Sebastian Bade, 01 Dec 2021 15:54
Other laptop OEMs could be facing similar supply problems. (Image Source: Bestware)

XMG scraps plans to upgrade the VIA 15 Pro laptops with Ryzen 5000H APUs due to limited supplies

Originally, XMG was estimating the release of the VIA 15 Pro with Ryzen 7 5800H could occur in early 2022, but, after a recent reevaluation of the Cezanne supply, this upgrade plan was scrapped. Subsidiary Tuxedo is also scrapping...
Bogdan Solca, 28 Oct 2021 21:34
White, black and silver color options. (Image Source: VAIO)

VAIO announces surprisingly affordable AMD Ryzen 4000 FL15 notebook

Unlike the usual VAIO models that are overpriced, the new 15.6-inch FL15 notebook costs around $710, but offers some modest specs with an AMD Ryzen 3 4300U processor, plus 8 GB of LPDDR4x RAM and 256 GB NVMe SSD. Port selection is...
Bogdan Solca, 29 Sep 2021 17:14
The Chuwi RZBOX is compact but still has a 45 W APU. (Image source: Chuwi)

Chuwi RZBOX revealed with an AMD Ryzen 9 4900H in a tiny case

The Chuwi RZBOX measures just 19.15 x 19.15 x 6.09 mm, and yet it contains an AMD Ryzen 9 4900H, a 45 W APU. The RZBOX will start at about US$500 and will be available with 16 GB of RAM with 512 GB of storage.
Alex Alderson, 08 Sep 2021 00:14
The AYA NEO 2021 Retro Power is the most expensive version of the AYA NEO. (Image source: AYA)

The AYA NEO 2021 PRO is now purchasable, but from over US$1,200

AYA has started selling its NEO 2021 PRO console through its website. The AYA NEO 2021 PRO is available in Dark Star, Light Moon and Retro Power colour schemes, which all cost more than US$1,200. All models come with a Ryzen 7 480...
Alex Alderson, 12 Aug 2021 23:59
The AYA NEO 2021 PRO Retro Power Edition has a unique colour scheme and more accessories than other models. (Image source: AYA)

AYA NEO 2021 PRO revealed with an AMD Ryzen 7 4800U, a 2 TB SSD and an exorbitant price to match

AYA has announced more upgrades for the NEO, its first console. The NEO 2021 PRO features an upgraded APU, more storage and a retro-looking special edition model. The upgrades come at a price though, literally.
Alex Alderson, 10 Aug 2021 20:48
The T.Book MN48H is available in one colour and configuration. (Image source: T-Bao)

T.Book MN48H: T.Bao brings the power of an AMD Ryzen 7 4800H to a mini-PC for US$799.99

The T.Book MN48H is a new mini-PC with plenty going for it. Not only does it have replaceable RAM and storage, it includes a 45 W APU with 8 Renoir cores. The Ryzen 7 4800H includes a powerful GPU as integrated options go, too.
Alex Alderson, 10 Aug 2021 01:40
The T.Book M45 comes with a 65 W GaN charger. (Image source: T-Bao)

T.Book MN45: AMD Ryzen 5 4500U-powered mini-PC launches with upgradeable RAM and storage

The T.Book MN45 combines an AMD Ryzen 5 4500U APU with DDR4 RAM and M.2 2280 NVMe SSD. The mini-PC may fit in your hand, but it has upgradable RAM, storage and plenty of ports.
Alex Alderson, 04 Aug 2021 21:37
GPD Win Max 2021 handheld gaming laptop now available for preorder with surprising Intel Core i7-1195G7 upgrade and lower price

GPD Win Max 2021 handheld gaming laptop now available for preorder with surprising Intel Core i7-1195G7 upgrade and lower price

Initially supposed to launch with i7-1165G7 and i7-1185G7 processor options, the GPD Win Max 2021 handheld gaming laptop is now up for pre-order only with a surprising i7-1195G7 upgrade that is offered for the same price as the AM...
Bogdan Solca, 29 Jul 2021 21:07
The new Legion 7. (Source: Lenovo)

Lenovo announces US pricing and availability for the Ryzen 7 5800H-powered Legion 7

Lenovo debuted world-first 16-inch WQXGA (or QHD) laptop displays in its latest Legion 7 gaming machine. Its Ryzen 7 5800H-equipped SKUs are now available on the US market, starting at US$1,800. Its Intel counterpart (the Legion 7...
Deirdre O'Donnell, 25 Jul 2021 16:24
The MateStation S costs €599 in some EU countries. (Image source: Huawei)

Huawei MateStation S: Desktop PC with an AMD Ryzen 5 4600G comes to Europe for under €600

The MateStation S is the first desktop PC that Huawei has brought to Europe, having already released other models in China. The MateStation S features a Zen 2 CPU, comes with a 23.8-inch display and retails for €599. The MateStati...
Alex Alderson, 23 Jul 2021 00:49
The Steam Deck has been rather well received in the PC gaming space. (Source: Valve)

Steam Deck rockets past 75,000 reservations in first hour in the US

Valve's recently announced handheld gaming PCs have received over 75,000 reservations across all variants within just the first hour of reservation opening in the United States alone. Delivery dates have also started to get pushed...
Loki Rautio, 16 Jul 2021 22:03
AYA NEO upgrade kits will contain multiple parts. (Image source: AYA)

AYA to offer free AYA NEO upgrade kits for early adopters

AYA has promised to deliver free upgrade kits to those who have already received their AYA NEO console. The upgrade kits will include a new shell, display, buttons and cooling module, among other parts.
Alex Alderson, 08 Jul 2021 19:51
The AMD-powered Legion 5. (Source: Lenovo)

Lenovo releases the Ryzen 7 5800H- and RTX 3000-powered Legion 5 to the US market

Lenovo US now offers the new Legion 5 with AMD silicon via its webstore. The 165Hz 15-inch PC is available with the Ryzen 7 5800H processor and either RTX 3060 or 3070 graphics. The OEM touts it as "battle ready" for the thin and ...
Deirdre O'Donnell, 14 Jun 2021 21:21
The AMD Ryzen 7 5700G offers surprising iGPU improvement over the Ryzen 7 4700G in synthetic benchmarking. (Image source: AMD/UserBenchmark/CPU-Z Validator - edited)

AMD Ryzen 7 5700G APU in HP Pavilion Desktop naturally outperforms the Ryzen 7 4700G in CPU performance benchmarks and offers distinct improvements in iGPU comparison

AMD’s top-end Zen 3 Cezanne desktop APU, the Ryzen 7 5700G, has been discovered being put through its paces in a couple of synthetic benchmarks. The AMD Ryzen 7 5700G delivered the expected improvements over the Ryzen 7 4700G in t...
Daniel R Deakin, 05 May 2021 10:33
Although the Surface Laptop 4 15 offers increased performance, it still disappoints

Although the Surface Laptop 4 15 offers increased performance, it still disappoints

Microsoft advertises the new Surface Laptop 4 very aggressively, also openly attacking Apple. However, after our test of the new Surface Laptop 4 15 we are rather disappointed overall, since we don't find much innovation here.
Andreas Osthoff, 29 Apr 2021 23:14
The AMD 4700S-based system may feature a similar APU to the Xbox Series X|S consoles. (Image source: Tmall/Microsoft - edited)

AMD 4700S desktop APU: Not good enough for Xbox Series X|S but suitable for a Mini-ITX gaming PC with 16 GB GDDR6 RAM

The AMD 4700S desktop processor has made another appearance online, this time as part of a Mini-ITX based gaming system. It is believed that the chips that were not up to scratch for the Xbox Series X and S consoles were repurpose...
Daniel R Deakin, 27 Apr 2021 12:36
You do need to buy the 15-inch Surface Laptop 4 to get the AMD Ryzen 7 4980U. (Image source: Microsoft)

The Surface Laptop 4 for Business could be the version to get if you want a 13.5-inch model with an AMD Ryzen 7 4980U APU

Microsoft has restricted the smaller Surface Laptop 4 to the AMD Ryzen 5 4680U, but not if you buy the 'for Business' edition. Better still, the Surface Laptop 4 for Business version is also the cheapest way to get Microsoft's lap...
Column by Alex Alderson, 14 Apr 2021 22:20
Microsoft gives consumers more choice with the Surface Laptop 4 than the Surface Laptop 3, but that is not saying much. (Image source: Microsoft)

Microsoft unveils Surface Laptop 4 with AMD Ryzen and Intel Tiger Lake processors, but there are compromises

Microsoft has upgraded the Surface Laptop to Intel Tiger Lake and newer AMD Ryzen processors. The Surface Laptop 4 retains its predecessor's design, which is to say that it is available with 13.5-inch and 15-inch displays that hav...
Alex Alderson, 13 Apr 2021 20:35
The Ryzen 7 PRO 5750G will sport AMD's business-oriented PRO technologies and enhanced security features. (Image source: AMD/CPU-Z - edited)

AMD Ryzen 7 PRO 5750G desktop APU returns to CPU-Z confirming single-thread superiority over Ryzen 7 4700G and Intel Core i9-10900K

An AMD Ryzen 7 PRO 5750G desktop APU engineering sample has had its CPU-Z benchmark results shared, once again showing decent single-thread performance that went beyond the Ryzen 7 4700G and Intel Core i9-10900K. The Ryzen 7 PRO 5...
Daniel R Deakin, 04 Apr 2021 13:08
The ROG Flow X13. (Source: Asus)

Asus releases its ROG Flow X13 gaming convertible to the European market

Asus touts its new ROG Flow X13 as a Swiss army knife for consumers who are into content-creation as well as gaming, thanks to Ryzen 5000-series processors and NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650 graphics. Initial European pricing and availab...
Deirdre O'Donnell, 30 Mar 2021 18:35
The Surface Laptop 4 is likely to offer an AMD Renoir Surface Edition option. (Image Source: Microsoft)

AMD Ryzen 7 Renoir Microsoft Surface Edition shows up on UserBenchmark dashing hopes for Ryzen 5000 in the Surface Laptop 4

An AMD Ryzen 7 Microsoft Surface Edition (MSE) listing has been spotted on UserBenchmark. This APU, which is likely to be the Ryzen 7 4980U, is expected to feature in the upcoming Microsoft Surface Laptop 4. It is not clear why Mi...
Vaidyanathan Subramaniam, 27 Mar 2021 13:48
Lenovo ThinkPad P14s shows: AMD Ryzen Pro can work in workstations

Lenovo ThinkPad P14s shows: AMD Ryzen Pro can work in workstations

AMD Ryzen CPUs have taken parts of the market by storm since Ryzen 4000 came out. One area that has been left largely untouched: Mobile workstation. Too bad, as the Lenovo ThinkPad P14s Gen 1 shows that AMD Ryzen and workstation c...
Benjamin Herzig, 26 Mar 2021 20:53
Lenovo ThinkPad P14s Gen 1 Laptop Review: AMD workstation sans dedicated GPU

84% Lenovo ThinkPad P14s Gen 1 Laptop Review: AMD workstation sans dedicated GPU

The iGPU workstation. The Lenovo ThinkPad P14s Gen 1 is being sold with Intel and with AMD CPUs. We take a look at the AMD variant, which does not feature a dedicated GPU - peculiar for a workstation. We also test the ThinkPad PrivacyGuard screen.
AMD Ryzen 7 PRO 4750U | AMD Radeon RX Vega 7 | 14.00" | 1.6 kg
Benjamin Herzig, 23 Mar 2021 20:53
Tuxedo Pulse 15 combines Linux with AMD power and long battery life

Tuxedo Pulse 15 combines Linux with AMD power and long battery life

The Pulse 15 by Tuxedo is a 15-inch Ultrabook with fast AMD Ryzen CPU and large battery. Throw in a matte IPS display and good input devices, and you've got yourself a decent overall package.
Andreas Osthoff, 23 Mar 2021 02:45
Tuxedo Pulse 15 Laptop Review - AMD-powered 15-inch Linux Ultrabook

85% Tuxedo Pulse 15 Laptop Review - AMD-powered 15-inch Linux Ultrabook

AMD Ryzen meets Linux. Tuxedo's Pulse 15 is a 15-inch multimedia notebook based on AMD's Ryzen line of CPUs. It is customizable and offers plentiful connectivity as well as a large battery that makes for a long battery life.
AMD Ryzen 5 4600H | AMD Radeon RX Vega 6 (Ryzen 4000/5000) | 15.60" | 1.5 kg
Andreas Osthoff, 23 Mar 2021 02:44
Schenker XMG Core 15 (Tongfang GM5NG0O) in review: A lot of performance with moderate emissions

Schenker XMG Core 15 (2021): Power Limits and TGP can be configured

The Schenker XMG Core 15 brings all modern computer games smoothly onto the responsive screen (WQHD, IPS, 165 Hz). This is complemented by an NVMe SSD, 16 GB of RAM (dual-channel mode), and decent battery life. The new Control Cen...
Sascha Mölck, 11 Mar 2021 04:49
Schenker XMG Core 15 (Tongfang GM5NG0O) in review: A lot of performance for the fast WQHD panel

85% Schenker XMG Core 15 (Tongfang GM5NG0O) in review: A lot of performance for the fast WQHD panel

The RTX 3060 does a good job. The Schenker Core 15 brings all modern computer games smoothly onto the responsive screen (WQHD, IPS, 165 Hz). In addition, there's an NVMe SSD, 16 GB of RAM (dual-channel mode), and decent battery runtimes. The new Control Center provides extensive control over the APU and GPU performance.
AMD Ryzen 7 4800H | NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3060 Laptop GPU | 15.60" | 2 kg
Sascha Mölck, 09 Mar 2021 04:49
The Surface Laptop 4 will be available in two sizes and four processor options. Surface Laptop 3 pictured. (Image source: Microsoft)

New Microsoft Surface Laptop 4 leak reveals a larger battery, AMD Renoir Surface Edition APUs and favourable Intel Tiger Lake-U configurations

Microsoft will offer the Surface Laptop 4 with Intel Tiger Lake-U and AMD Ryzen Renoir APUs, according to a new leak. The Surface Laptop 4 will have a larger battery capacity than its predecessor, but only Intel models will be ava...
Alex Alderson, 08 Mar 2021 20:55
The AYA NEO can run its Ryzen 5 4500U APU at up to 18 W. (Image source: AYA)

The AYA NEO smashes crowdfunding expectations with over US$1,000,000 raised in under 24 hours

The AYA NEO is a 7-inch handheld games console powered by an AMD Ryzen 5 4500U APU. The device also has 16 GB of RAM and up to a 1 TB SSD. The AYA NEO can be ordered on Indiegogo, where it has already received over US$1,300,000 fr...
Alex Alderson, 08 Mar 2021 00:40
The AYA NEO Founders Edition will cost US$789 for most people. (Image source AYA)

The AYA NEO Founders Edition hits Indiegogo for US$699; most backers must pay at least US$789

AYA appears to have addressed its production material shortfall, as the company has announced that it will be bringing its AYA NEO Founders Edition to Indiegogo today. The crowdfunding campaign will start at US$699 for Super Early...
Alex Alderson, 05 Mar 2021 23:48
AYA NEO is unsure when it will be able to start its crowdfunding campaign. (Image source: AYA)

AYA postpones the crowdfunding campaign of its AYA NEO Founders Edition handheld games console indefinitely

The AYA NEO's crowdfunding campaign has been postponed once again, in another blow for those who hoped to secure the handheld games console. Unfortunately, the campaign has been delayed indefinitely this time.
Alex Alderson, 02 Mar 2021 23:10
The next Surface Laptop should arrive in April with some potent processor upgrades for the series. (Image source: WalkingCat)

New Surface Laptop 4 leak points to Microsoft using custom Renoir APUs with more powerful GPUs

It is no secret that Microsoft is planning to release the Surface Laptop 4, and two new Geekbench listings have underlined this. The next Surface Laptop should be available with six or eight-core Ryzen APUs that support SMT. Chanc...
Alex Alderson, 24 Feb 2021 14:08
The new Prometheus XVIII comes with extensive tweaking options for CPU PL, custom power and fan profiles, GPU wattage etc. (Image Source: Eluktronics)

Eluktronics Prometheus XVII: desktop-level performance with AMD Ryzen 5000H and mobile RTX 3080 at under 1-inch thickness

The new Prometheus XVII gaming laptop series comes with advanced features like the enhanced thermal design that supports overclocked Ryzen 7 5800H processors coupled with 150 W RTX 3080 mobile GPUs. All inside a 0.98-inch thick ch...
Bogdan Solca, 16 Feb 2021 16:16
The AYA NEO looks like a good handheld games console. (Image source: AYA NEO)

AYA NEO crowdfunding launch date postponed; factory closures blamed

AYA has delayed the launch of its AYA NEO Indiegogo campaign. Citing factory closures, the AYA NEO will now launch after Chinese New Year, although it is unclear when.
Alex Alderson, 10 Feb 2021 21:55
The 2021 Legion 5 Pro. (Source: Lenovo)

Lenovo posts a specs-ref for the new Legion 5 Pro ahead of its release

Lenovo announced that the Legion 5 Pro will be updated in 2021 with Ryzen 5000 silicon, RTX 30-series graphics and a 16:10 display. A Google-cached product specs reference let slip by the company ahead of its March release seems t...
Deirdre O'Donnell, 04 Feb 2021 20:14
Lenovo Yoga 6 13 2-in-1 convertible with AMD Ryzen 5 Pro, 256 GB NVMe SSD, and 8 GB of RAM is down to $550 USD (Image source: Best Buy)

Deal | Lenovo Yoga 6 13 2-in-1 convertible with AMD Ryzen 5 Pro, 256 GB NVMe SSD, and 8 GB of RAM is down to $550 USD

The aluminum-clad Lenovo convertible may be designed for businesses, but it works just as well for home users, too. It'll be tough to find another 13.3-inch convertible as light as this one with the same CPU and for the same price...
Allen Ngo, 02 Feb 2021 04:43
The TOPTON R1 should pack a punch with its Ryzen 7 4800H APU. (Image source: TOPTON)

TOPTON R1: A mini-PC with up to an AMD Ryzen 7 4800H, SO-DIMM RAM and three video outputs

A new mini-PC from TOPTON should offer plenty of performance, despite its compact dimensions. The R1 can be configured with either a Ryzen 5 4600H or a Ryzen 7 4800H, making it more powerful than many other mini-PCs. The TOPTON R1...
Alex Alderson, 01 Feb 2021 20:48
The AYA NEO will be priced at US$699 for early bird backers. (Image source: @AYA_device)

Ryzen 4500U-powered AYA NEO Founder edition suffers a similar fate to that of the Smach Z as release date postponement is announced

The AYA NEO Founder edition handheld console has had its release date postponed until March 10. The development process has been hit by some issues, leaving the AYA NEO portable in a situation that eerily echoes the apparent demis...
Daniel R Deakin, 28 Jan 2021 10:28
ASRock Jupiter X300: A mini-PC with a tiny case that can house reasonably powerful APUs. (Image source: ASRock)

ASRock Jupiter X300: A mini PC with a 1.07-litre case that supports up to 65 W AMD Ryzen 4000G APUs

ASRock has introduced the Jupiter X300, its latest mini-PC. The Jupiter X300 is a particularly compact mini-PC based on AMD's X300 chipset. Correspondingly, the Jupiter X300 has an AM4 Socket and supports up to 65 W APUs. Its 1.07...
Alex Alderson, 28 Jan 2021 01:00
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