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Logitech Wave Keys review: Entry-level wireless ergonomic keyboard

Compact and versatile. The Logitech Wave Keys is an ergonomic wireless keyboard that strives to feel immediately familiar. It is also designed to work with all operating systems and also be compact and versatile. Read on to find out what we think of this new addition to Logitech’s Ergo Series.

With its new Wave Keys wireless keyboard, Logitech wants to make it easier for users to get into ergonomic office equipment. The Wave Keys is designed to be ergonomic and yet offer the natural typing feel of a conventional keyboard, meaning it shouldn’t require much time to get used to. As the name suggests, the keyboard has a wave-like bump in the middle.

Logitech offers the keyboard in two colours: Graphite and White. A third colour Rose is set to launch in summer 2024. The product has an RRP of roughly €80 (US$60/£70).

Features and connectivity - Pairing via adapter and Bluetooth

The Wave Keys is a wireless keyboard that connects to an end device via either Bluetooth or the included Logi Bolt receiver. The Bolt plugs into a USB-A port and sticks out 7 mm (0.28 in) from the chassis.

A quick-start guide in the box helps users set up the device in whichever operating system they are using. During our testing, however, no setup was necessary. As soon as the receiver is plugged into a laptop, Windows 11 immediately recognises the keyboard and you can start typing right away.

Another benefit of the Wave Keys is its ability to be paired with three devices at the same time. You can select the device you want to use the keyboard with by pressing a designated key for it. This worked without a hitch during our review. Pairing via Bluetooth is just as easy. Pressing an unassigned device key once puts the keyboard in pairing mode; you can then select the Wave Keys on the end device to connect it. All you need to do is to enter a number combination shown on the end device using the keyboard.

During our testing, we were able to connect the Wave Keys to an Android tablet and a Chromebook without any issues. Even the additional keys, such as those for volume control, taking screenshots and so on, are automatically supported by ChromeOS and Android. The keyboard should also work on MacOS and Linux. According to Logitech, you should also be able to create customised app shortcuts and routines for Windows and MacOS using the Logitech Options+ app. However, the Wave Keys is still not supported by the software at the time of this review.

The wireless keyboard is powered by two AAA batteries. Logitech claims that the batteries should provide up to three years of use. The battery compartment also has a slot to keep the USB receiver if you need to carry the keyboard around with you. The Wave Key will go into sleep mode after being left idle for a few minutes. But it can also be powered off completely using a slider switch.

The Wave Keys comes equipped with flip-out feet that can change the angle of the keyboard by four degrees. It also has a non-removable padded wrist rest. However, there is no backlight on the product.

The keyboard can send inputs to an end device via this adapter
The keyboard can send inputs to an end device via this adapter
The feet on the Wave Keys let you change the typing angle by 4 degrees
The feet on the Wave Keys let you change the typing angle by 4 degrees
Switch for turning the keyboard on or off
Switch for turning the keyboard on or off
Logitech says each set of batteries should last up to three years.
Logitech says each set of batteries should last up to three years.

Ergonomics and key layout - Wave Keys is ergonomically curved

The product’s main feature is the hump in the section with character keys. The highest point is located somewhere between G and H. The keycaps themselves are likewise rounded. The keyboard is part of the company’s Ergo Series. Logitech revealed that the product's design is based on scientific studies. What's more, the Wave Keys has been certified by US Ergonomics.

The wireless keyboard is quite small and has a width of 37 cm (14.6 in). This means it can fit easily even on a small desk and allows users to reach over to their mouse quickly. Despite its compact size, the keyboard boasts a fully fledged numpad. But the arrow keys are smaller than full-size ones.

Typing - Compact keyboard with a natural typing feel

Logitech says it aims to make the Wave Keys an ergonomic keyboard without much learning curve. Whilst testing out the product, we couldn’t get the hang of it without some practice. That said, it didn’t take us long to become familiar with the Wave Keys. We were able to start typing perfectly after just a short while. 

One thing that stood out is how comfortable the wrist support is. Compared with a flat keyboard, the Wave Keys also allows for a noticeably more relaxed hand posture. It keeps your hands slightly angled, similar to how you would hold a vertical mouse. This especially reduces the strain on your lower arm muscles. 

The wireless keyboard is comfortable to type on and has a travel distance of about 2 mm (0.08 in). Typing on the Wave Keys isn’t completely silent. Though the noise sounds muted rather than loud and clacky.


 +  compatible with all operating systems
 +  schnelles Umschalten zwischen Geräten
 +  can connect using the dongle or Bluetooth
 +  great ergonomics
 +  quick to get used to


 –  no backlight

Verdict - Comfortable and compatible

The Logitech Wave Keys used for this review is kindly provided by Logitech Germany
The Logitech Wave Keys used for this review is kindly provided by Logitech Germany

We are sold on the design of the Logitech Wave Keys. It helps you maintain a more relaxed hand posture compared with flat keyboards. Even so, it'll only take you a short while to learn how to type well on the keyboard. We also like the fact that it is compatible with all the usual operating systems and lets you quickly switch between the paired devices.

The Wave Keys is a comfy ergonomic keyboard that doesn't take long to get accustomed to and has the ability to pair with three devices at once.

Once the Logitech Options+ app supports this product, users should be able to create customised hotkeys. A slightly longer key travel and backlight are on the list of things we wish Logitech had given the keyboard.

Logitech also offers a version of the Wave Keys for businesses. The Logi Bolt receiver helps ensure that data connections are extra secure. Furthermore, these keyboards can also be monitored by a company’s IT department using Logitech Sync.

Price and availability

The Logitech Wave Keys carries an RRP of €79.99 (US$59.99/£69.99) and will start shipping on 13 October. You can order it directly from Logitech's online shop or reputable retailers like Amazon (DE/US/UK)


The present review sample was made available to the author as a loan by the manufacturer or a shop for the purposes of review. The lender had no influence on this review, nor did the manufacturer receive a copy of this review before publication. There was no obligation to publish this review.

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