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Acemagic S1

74% Acemagic S1 mini PC review - A small and economical office PC with an Intel N95, 1 TB of mass storage and a display

A mini PC with a small gimmick! With the S1, Acemagic has a compact PC in its portfolio that is suitable for straightforward, everyday office use with the Intel N95 providing a good foundation. Acemagic's imaginative ideas often help it stand out from the crowd in terms of design and functionality. This also goes for the S1 which has a display built into the front. Read on to discover how well the device holds up in our review.
Intel Processor N95 | Intel UHD Graphics 24EUs (Alder Lake-N) | | 440 g
Sebastian Bade, 15 Nov 2023 12:37
Simply NUC intros the Bloodhound mini PC that's designed for demanding setups (Image source: TechPowerUp)

Simply NUC Bloodhound launches with fanless, rugged design

Simply NUC has unveiled a brand-new all-in-one computing solution for Edge and IoT needs. Called the Simply NUC Bloodhoud, this mini-PC features a fanless and rugged design that makes it suitable for demanding environments.
Abid Ahsan Shanto, 15 Nov 2023 07:30
Beelink SEi12 sees a massive 43% price cut on Amazon (Image source: Amazon)

Deal | Beelink SEi12 mini PC with 12th Gen i5 drops by 43%

Amazon’s early Black Friday deal has knocked the Beelink SEi12 by 43%. The variant with 16 GB of RAM and 500 GB of storage is currently listed at US$309, down from US$539.
Abid Ahsan Shanto, 14 Nov 2023 13:21
MSI GeForce RTX 4060 AERO ITX 8G: Compact graphics card for small PCs

MSI GeForce RTX 4060 AERO ITX: This graphics card is perfect for compact gaming systems

MSI has presented a new graphics card, which is said to be characterized by its particularly small dimensions. This makes the powerful video accelerator suitable for use in compact systems - even if you don't want to miss out on t...
Silvio Werner, 14 Nov 2023 12:28
AOC Moss M7 mini PC makes its debut in China (Image source: IT Home)

AOC Moss M7 mini PC launches with Ryzen 7 7840HS CPU

AOC, a Taiwanese brand known for its budget-friendly monitors, has debuted a brand-new mini PC. Called the AOC Moss M7, the unit comes equipped with the Ryzen R7 7840HS CPU, 32 GB of RAM, and 2 TB of storage. It is priced at CNY37...
Abid Ahsan Shanto, 14 Nov 2023 06:49
ThundeRobot Mix gaming mini PC gets restocked and is now available through third-party retailers (Image source: ThundeRobot weibo)

ThundeRobot Mix gaming mini PC, styled like Alienware Steam Machine, gets restocked

ThundeRobot announced the MIX gaming mini PC back in September of this year. Featuring a starting price tag of CNY5499 (around US$754), the initial launch had a limited stock. Now, ThundeRobot has restocked the mini PC and is offe...
Abid Ahsan Shanto, 13 Nov 2023 18:46
Minisforum EliteMini UM780 XTX gets tested with an RTX 4090 (Image source: Minisforum)

Minisforum EliteMini UM780 XTX undergoes performance test with RTX 4090

Minisforum dropped the EliteMini UM780 XTX two days ago. Among its highlights, one of the standout features is that it comes with an Oculink port, which enables external GPU support. And a YouTuber has tested it to see how well th...
Abid Ahsan Shanto, 13 Nov 2023 06:02
NiPoGi AK2 PLUS brings Intel N100 in a familiar design (Image source: NiPoGi)

NiPoGi AK2 PLUS debuts with scalable specs

NiPoGi dropped a brand-new mini PC, the NiPoGi AK2 PLUS. It comes with an Intel N100 Alder Lake-N CPU, which is a great processor for media, office, and productivity workloads.
Abid Ahsan Shanto, 12 Nov 2023 12:01
The Retro Mini PC AM01 and AM02 are both compact mini-PCs. (Image source: AYANEO)

AYANEO Retro Mini PC AM01 and AM02 showcased as new retro-inspired mini-PCs

AYANEO has revealed the AM01 and AM02, its first mini-PCs. Based on retro-inspired designs, the AM01 and AM02 have compact housings, although only the AM01 is launching anytime soon.
Alex Alderson, 12 Nov 2023 00:25
Acemagic gets ready for Black Friday 2023. (Source: Acemagic)

Deal | Acemagic Early Access Black Friday sale unveils up to US$210 off new education-grade PC

Those looking to deck their schoolroom, home office or other workspace with a mini-PC capable of driving 2 or even 3 4K displays at a good price have new options thanks to Acemagic's latest sale. It offers machines based on 12th-g...
Deirdre O'Donnell, 11 Nov 2023 16:33
PELADN WI-6 makes its debut with Intel N100 CPU

PELADN intros low-power WI-6 mini PC

PELADN has launched the WI-6 mini PC. At the core, it's a low-power system with an Intel N100 CPU. Although it's not the most powerful processor in the mini PC market, it can handle productivity apps, 4K playback, and browsing wit...
Abid Ahsan Shanto, 10 Nov 2023 16:54
Topton GM1 combines fanless design with powerful specs (Image source: AliExpress)

Topton GM1 brings 13th Gen Core i7 in fanless, zero-noise chassis

Topton has started selling a very interesting mini PC. Unlike some of the other systems with powerful specs, the Topton GM1 offers the Intel Core-i7 1355U CPU in a fanless chassis. That means the mini PC will make zero noise durin...
Abid Ahsan Shanto, 10 Nov 2023 16:53
Minisforum NPB6 debuts with better specs than NAB6 (Image source: Minisforum)

Minisforum NPB6 offers 13th Gen Core i7 in a familiar design

Minisforum launched the NAB6 earlier this year, bringing powerful specs with a well-designed chassis. Now, the Chinese mini PC manufacturer has refreshed its Venus Series with the Minisforum NPB6, offering even better specs in the...
Abid Ahsan Shanto, 10 Nov 2023 16:24
The EliteMini UM780 XTX in Obsidian Black. (Image source: MINISFORUM)

MINISFORUM EliteMini UM780 XTX now official and orderable from US$489 with AMD Ryzen 7 7840HS and Oculink port

The EliteMini UM780 XTX is MINISFORUM's latest mini-PC and one of its most powerful yet. Based around an AMD Ryzen 7 7840HS APU, the mini-PC supports DDR5 RAM, PCIe 4.0 SSDs and has an Oculink port for connecting eGPUs, all from U...
Alex Alderson, 10 Nov 2023 14:30
GMKtec NucBox M3 mini PC review: Core i5-12450H is just too power-hungry

79% GMKtec NucBox M3 mini PC review: Core i5-12450H is just too power-hungry

Only minor advantages over Ryzen U series. The NucBox M3 isn't slow, but the poor performance-per-watt of the Core i5-12450H compares unfavorably to U-series alternatives which can offer similar performance levels with much smaller power budgets.
Intel Core i5-12450H | Intel UHD Graphics Xe G4 48EUs | | 440 g
Allen Ngo, 09 Nov 2023 21:56
The UM780 XTX will be MINISFORUM's first mini-PC with a dedicated Oculink port. (Image source: MINISFORUM via Minixpc)

MINISFORUM UM780 XTX to launch soon with AMD Ryzen 7 7840HS and Oculink port

MINISFORUM is preparing to launch the UM780 XT, a new mini-PC based around the AMD Ryzen 7 7840HS APU. Additionally, the mini-PC will feature a dedicated Oculink port, among other features.
Alex Alderson, 09 Nov 2023 19:11
TOPTON V700 features Intel Core i9-1300H at an affordable price

TOPTON V700 brings Core i9-13900H at budget-friendly price

TOPTON has started selling the V700 mini PC. It comes with an Intel Core i9-13000H CPU, a processor we've only seen in the mini PCs residing in the high-end budget range. But the TOPTON V700 is currently priced at US$580 on AliExp...
Abid Ahsan Shanto, 08 Nov 2023 06:58
Minisforum offers excellent bang for the buck with the UM480XT

Minisforum debuts UM480XT: High-end specs at wallet-friendly price

Minisforum has launched the UM480XT mini PC. It comes with the same chassis as the UM590, which launched back in October of last year. But instead of Ryzen 9, the new mini PC features a Ryzen 7 CPU, making the system powerful yet ...
Abid Ahsan Shanto, 07 Nov 2023 22:32
 MeLE Overclock4C launches with pocket-sized form factor and great specs

MeLE debuts Overclock4C: A pocket-friendly, pocket-sized mini PC with powerful internals

MeLE has updated its Overclock mini PC lineup by launching the Overclock4C. Although it has a pocket-sized form factor, the unit is a full-fledged mini PC with Intel N95 and 16 GB of RAM. It’s currently available on Amazon with a ...
Abid Ahsan Shanto, 07 Nov 2023 20:28
Ryzen 5 5560U performance debut: Beelink SER5 mini PC review

82% Ryzen 5 5560U performance debut: Beelink SER5 mini PC review

Intel NUC performance without the NUC price. The Ryzen 5560U may be a couple years old, but it performs so similarly to the new Ryzen 5 7530U that most users would be unable to tell the difference especially for basic HTPC purposes. The SER5 is quite the bargain for just $230 USD complete with Windows 11.
AMD Ryzen 5 5560U | AMD Radeon RX Vega 6 (Ryzen 4000/5000) | | 439 g
Allen Ngo, 07 Nov 2023 19:45
CWWK Mini M1 and Superfan M1 launched with super compact form factors

CWWK launches two interesting super compact mini PCs: Mini M1 and Superfan M1

Chinese manufacturer CWWK has started selling two super compact mini PCs: CWWK Mini M1 and CWWK Superfan M1. Although they are tiny in size, each packs powerful specs and offers a lot of functionality.
Abid Ahsan Shanto, 07 Nov 2023 11:47
GMKtec unveils the NucBox M2 with an old yet highly capable CPU

GMK NucBox M2 debuts with performance-focused specs

GMK has updated its NucBox lineup with the NucBox M2 mini PC. It features an Intel Core i7-11390H CPU, which might be a little dated now but is still capable of modern workloads. The other specs of the unit are great too.
Abid Ahsan Shanto, 06 Nov 2023 18:17
PELADN debuts the sleek and powerful HI-3 mini PC

PELADN HI-3 mini PC launches with cutting-edge specs

PELADN has officially unveiled the HI-3 mini PC. Featuring an Intel Core i5-11300H CPU, it’s a compact device that packs a punch. This mini PC will be available from November 8th with a price tag of CNY2599, approximately US$356....
Abid Ahsan Shanto, 06 Nov 2023 18:09
The Geekom A 5 mini PC offers incredible performance and has the looks to match

Geekom A 5 mini PC: AMD Zen 3 goodness that does it all, now at an irresistible effective price of just US$328 | Sponsored

Geekom is offering the A 5 mini PC at an effective discounted price of US$328 down from its original retail price of US$450. The Geekom A 5 is powered by the AMD Ryzen 7 5800H for seamless multitasking and boosted productivity. Th...
Advertising, 06 Nov 2023 11:21
The sleek and mighty Beelink SER5 MAX is currently discounted to US$299 on Amazon

Deal | Beelink SER5 MAX with Ryzen 7 falls under US$300 on Amazon

Although Beelink has already unveiled a successor, the SER5 MAX is still a great purchase. It comes with Ryzen 7 5800H, packs 16 GB of DDR4 RAM, and can be found with 512 GB and 1 TB of storage. And with this 25% deal, you can mak...
Abid Ahsan Shanto, 05 Nov 2023 18:16
GEEKOM intros the Mini Air12 mini PC

GEEKOM Mini Air12 launches with Intel N100 CPU and 16 GB of RAM

GEEKOM has launched the Mini Air12. Powered by the Intel 12th Gen Alder Lake N100 CPU, 16 GB of DDR5 RAM, and 512 GB of NVMe SSD, the mini PC offers a great performance for the money.
Abid Ahsan Shanto, 03 Nov 2023 13:23
Minisforum Neptune Series HX77G review: The mini gaming PC with an AMD Ryzen 7 7735HS, AMD Radeon RX 6600M and 2x USB4

91% Minisforum Neptune Series HX77G review: The mini gaming PC with an AMD Ryzen 7 7735HS, AMD Radeon RX 6600M and 2x USB4

Compact gaming PC! Compact mini PCs with dedicated graphics cards aren't all too widespread at the moment. Nevertheless, Minisforum's Neptune Series HX77G is a compact mini PC with an AMD Ryzen 7 7735HS and an AMD Radeon RX 6600M. We have taken a closer look at this device and have analyzed its performance with the help of a variety of benchmarks and current games.
AMD Ryzen 7 7735HS | AMD Radeon RX 6600M | | 1.6 kg
Sebastian Bade, 03 Nov 2023 12:51
PELADN Silver Wing HA-4

PELADN Silver Wing HA-4 debuts with an eye-catching design and Ryzen 7840HS

PELADN has officially launched the Silver Wing HA-4. With AMD Ryzen 7 7840HS, up to 64 GB of DDR5 RAM and 2 TB of storage, and a minimalistic design, this mini PC is all about delivering high performance in a small package.
Abid Ahsan Shanto, 02 Nov 2023 21:32

AOOSTAR GOD7 launches with beefy specs and a futuristic design

AOOSTAR GOD7 has officially hit the market. It comes with a Cyberpunk-inspired design, AMD Ryzen 7840HS, up to 32 GB of DDR5 RAM, and up to 1 TB of storage. The starting price of the mini PC is US$599.
Abid Ahsan Shanto, 02 Nov 2023 21:27
AceMagic Tank 03

AceMagic intros the Tank 03 mini PC with beefed-up specs and a futuristic design

AceMagic has just unveiled a new mini PC that is tailored for gamers. Although it's not AceMagic's first small form factor PC for gamers, the Tank 03 mini PC is the company's most powerful model to date. The mini PC also comes wit...
Abid Ahsan Shanto, 31 Oct 2023 21:11
ASRock DeskMini B760 mini PC

ASRock launches the DeskMini B760 mini PC in Japan and China

Announced last month, ASRock has officially launched the DeskMini B760 mini PC in Japan and China. The starting price of the mini PC is 34,980 Yen in Japan (around US$233) and 1,489 Yuan in China (around US$203).
Abid Ahsan Shanto, 30 Oct 2023 03:01
The Mind modular workstation. (Source: Khadas)

Khadas Mind goes to retail following successful crowdfunding campaign

Khadas has announced that its innovative modular mini PC is now available via more conventional sales channels, having started out as a Kickstarter hit that garnered it over US$690,000 in backer rewards. Its retail units now start...
Deirdre O'Donnell, 27 Oct 2023 19:45
The SimplyNUC Onyx series is now available at a cheaper price without a case. (Image source: SimplyNUC)

SimplyNUC Onyx: 4X4 motherboard now available at cheaper starting price with Intel Core i5-13500H, Core i7-13700H and Core i9-13900H processors

The SimplyNUC Onyx line has been updated to include cheaper motherboard-only options. Available as the NUC130XBi5, NUC130XBi7 and NUC130XBv9, the 4X4 motherboard all feature Intel Raptor Lake-H processors, as well as a minimum of ...
Alex Alderson, 27 Oct 2023 19:22
The AOOSTAR R7 should be more flexible than the AOOSTAR R1, albeit without AV1 decoding support. (Image source: AOOSTAR)

AOOSTAR R7 previewed as new mini-PC and NAS with four storage options and AMD Ryzen APU

The AOOSTAR R7 is a more powerful alternative to the R1 thanks to its AMD Ryzen 7 5700U APU. The AOOSTAR R7 also has an additional M.2 2280 slot and supports dual-channel RAM, unlike its cheaper counterpart.
Alex Alderson, 27 Oct 2023 18:50
AOOSTAR re-uses the R1's shell for the more powerful R7. (Image source: AOOSTAR)

AOOSTAR R1: New mini-PC doubles as NAS with twin 3.5-inch bays

The R1 is one of a few mini-PCs that AOOSTAR sells. The AOOSTAR R1 measures 162 x 162 x 198 mm, relies upon the Intel Processor N100 and has various expansion options, including a pair of 3.5-inch drive slots and 2.5 Gigabit RJ45 ...
Alex Alderson, 27 Oct 2023 14:57
The Geekom Mini IT11 is the perfect choice to boost your home or office productivity

Geekom Mini IT11: Class-leading productivity in a compact chassis, now at just US$499 | Sponsored

Commemorating its 20th anniversary, Geekom is offering now offering the popular Mini IT11 mini PC for just US$499, down from the regular asking price of US$549. The Geekom Mini IT11 makes for an aesthetic addition to your workspac...
Advertising, 25 Oct 2023 13:24
Dell OptiPlex Micro Plus 7010 review: Desktop Core i7-13700 in a mini PC package

80% Dell OptiPlex Micro Plus 7010 review: Desktop Core i7-13700 in a mini PC package

Small size, big CPU. If you want to maximize processor performance while minimizing form factor, then the OptiPlex Micro Plus 7010 has you covered. It runs a bit hot to say the least, but that is arguably preferable over any extreme throttling measures.
Intel Core i7-13700 | Intel UHD Graphics 770 | | 1.2 kg
Allen Ngo, 25 Oct 2023 02:13

Deal | BENICO Mini PC with Ryzen 5 5600H currently discounted to US$200

The BENICO Mini PC, equipped with Ryzen 5 5600H, 16 GB of RAM, and a 512 GB SSD, is currently on sale. Amazon is offering a 35% discount, reducing its regular price of US$310 to an enticing US$200.
Abid Ahsan Shanto, 24 Oct 2023 22:02

KAMRUI AK1 Plus: Budget-friendly Intel N95 Mini PC launches with expandable storage

KAMRUI has launched the AK1 Plus, which stands out as an excellent contender against other compact mini PCs on the market. Featuring an Intel N95 quad-core chip (15-watt), its list prices start as low as US$180, but a current sale...
Abid Ahsan Shanto, 23 Oct 2023 17:47
Xiaomi has brought moderate performance improvements with the 2023 refresh of its compact mini-PC. (Image source: Xiaomi)

Xiaomi Mini PC 2023 available globally with latest Intel processor and Thunderbolt 4 ports

Xiaomi has refreshed its small mini-PC, previously available with a mid-tier Intel Alder Lake-P processor. This year, Xiaomi's mini-PC has received a comparable Raptor Lake-P part, which has a faster CPU and GPU.
Alex Alderson, 22 Oct 2023 21:15
Zimablade, the Raspberry Pi competitor reviewed: A home server for everyone that's now even lighter and smaller

Zimablade, the Raspberry Pi competitor reviewed: A home server for everyone that's now even lighter and smaller

A Cyberpunk cassette-styled home server. The ZimaBlade single-board computer (SBC) aims to continue where its predecessor, the ZimaBoard, left off, by making it as easy as possible for any consumer to get to know all about home servers and simultaneously offer extremely inviting and multifaceted hardware for enthusiasts looking to tinker and experiment. We test whether this works and also look at which benefits the Zimaboard offers.
Christian Hintze, 20 Oct 2023 10:17
NiPoGi CK10 review - The mini PC with an Intel Core i5-12450H and 16 GB RAM falls short of expectations

77% NiPoGi CK10 review - The mini PC with an Intel Core i5-12450H and 16 GB RAM falls short of expectations

Modern SoC and lots of plastic! Based on the Intel Core i5-12450H, the NiPoGi CK10 aims to woo buyers. At first glance, it seems promising, as the Alder Lake SoC offers 8 cores, after all. However, with a limited power target, the processor wasn't capable of showing all it could've done. In this review featuring a variety of benchmarks, you can find out about what effect this limitation has.
Intel Core i5-12450H | Intel UHD Graphics 64EUs (Alder Lake 12th Gen) | | 481 g
Sebastian Bade, 19 Oct 2023 16:01
20% discount applied to all configurations (Image Source: Minisforum)

Deal | Minisforum UM790 Pro mini PC with AMD Ryzen 9 7940HS, 32 GB RAM and 1 TB SSD is 20% off on Amazon

This configuration is now only US$663.92, and also includes 2x USB4 connectors, a 2.5 GbE NIC, plus support for 4x video outputs. Amazon is discounting all configurations, including the barebone one priced at US$511.92.
Bogdan Solca, 18 Oct 2023 18:32
Geekom A5 review: A rose-colored mini PC, NUC alternative with an AMD Ryzen 7 APU and 32 GB of RAM

81% Geekom A5 review: A rose-colored mini PC, NUC alternative with an AMD Ryzen 7 APU and 32 GB of RAM

Is AMD's Cezanne still fast enough? Design-wise, the Geekom A5 is similar to the well-known Intel NUC mini PCs which are nowadays marketed by Asus. Although an 8-core, 16-thread AMD Ryzen 7 5800H is at work under the hood, the SoC no longer belongs to the newest models on the market. We have analysed the Geekom A5's performance to see if it is currently still worth your money.
AMD Ryzen 7 5800H | AMD Radeon RX Vega 8 (Ryzen 4000/5000) | | 555 g
Sebastian Bade, 18 Oct 2023 12:17
Intel N100 performance debut: Beelink Mini S12 Pro mini PC review

73% Intel N100 performance debut: Beelink Mini S12 Pro mini PC review

6W 12th gen Alder Lake-N CPU. The N100 is a decent upgrade over an old Celeron or Atom while keeping costs under US$200, but it's barely any better than the N95 if you're looking for even more affordable alternatives.
Intel Processor N100 | Intel UHD Graphics 24EUs (Alder Lake-N) | | 335 g
Allen Ngo, 18 Oct 2023 10:44
Zotac ZBOX pico PI430AJ (Image source: Zotac)

Zotac launches world's first mini PC with solid-state active cooling

Measuring just 114.8 x 76 x 23.8 mm, the ZBOX pico PI430AJ is among the smallest PCs that Zotac offers, yet it comes equipped with two of Frore System's AirJet solid-state active cooling modules. These use membranes vibrating at h...
Tudor Cibean, 18 Oct 2023 09:00
SZBOX S100 (Image source: SZBOX)

SZBOX S100: Quarter-liter mini PC launches from US$184 with 2.5 GbE port

The SZBOX S100 has a compact size of just 71 x 71 x 46 mm, yet it packs an Intel N100 processor and 16 GB of LPDDR5 RAM, with users having the option to add up to 1 TB of solid-state storage.
Tudor Cibean, 13 Oct 2023 23:33
Minisforum Venus Series UN1245 review: A powerful mini PC with an Intel Core i5-12450H starting at $310

78% Minisforum Venus Series UN1245 review: A powerful mini PC with an Intel Core i5-12450H starting at $310

Good and affordable! With the Intel Core i5-12450H, the Minisforum Venus Series UN1245 receives a powerful SoC without going overboard with the price. However, you'll have to make do without a premium metal case. Read on, to discover just how well the device does in our extensive, measurement and benchmark-packed review.
Intel Core i5-12450H | Intel UHD Graphics 64EUs (Alder Lake 12th Gen) | | 545 g
Sebastian Bade, 11 Oct 2023 08:56
GMK NucBox K3 Pro mini PC review: The NucBox K2 is better

83% GMK NucBox K3 Pro mini PC review: The NucBox K2 is better

Classic AMD vs. Intel. The NucBox K3 Pro is the AMD alternative to the NucBox K2 each sporting the same chassis design but with different internals. The NucBox K3 Pro model name may sound newer and faster, but it's clearly inferior to the NucBox K2 when it comes to performance.
Intel Core i7-12650H | Intel UHD Graphics 64EUs (Alder Lake 12th Gen) | | 396 g
Allen Ngo, 09 Oct 2023 04:37
(Image source: Simply NUC)

Simply NUC Zircon: 0.6 liter mini PC debuts with Intel Processor N95 from US$199

Measuring just 124.8 x 112.2 x 43.9 mm, the Simply NUC Zircon packs an Intel Processor N95, 8 GB of DDR4 memory, and a 256 GB M.2 SSD, with buyers having the option to add a 2.5 inch SATA storage device.
Tudor Cibean, 05 Oct 2023 12:05


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