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Intel's Meteor Lake iGPU performed quite well in its first Geekbench run (image via Intel)

Intel Meteor Lake Iris Xe iGPU with 128 EUs trades blows with Radeon 780M and Apple M2 on Geekbench

An MSI laptop featuring an Intel Core Ultra 7 155H processor and Iris Xe iGPU has been spotted on Geekbench. It scores 27,249 points in the OpenCL benchmark, putting it on par with last-gen offerings from AMD and Intel.
Anil Ganti, 16 Nov 2023 01:08
Chatreey sells the TANK in various configurations. (Image source: Chatreey)

Chatreey TANK arrives as new compact gaming PC with Thunderbolt 4 expansion

The Chatreey TANK is a 167 x 167 x 161 mm mini-PC that combines Intel Alder Lake-H processors with NVIDIA GeForce RTX 30 series GPUs. Not only does the mini-PC have easily accessible memory, but it also supports eGPUs via its Thun...
Alex Alderson, 15 Nov 2023 20:38
The Galaxy Book4 360 will have a more vibrant display than its Galaxy Book4 counterpart, previous model pictured. (Image source: Samsung)

Samsung Galaxy Book4 and Galaxy Book4 360 to debut with Intel Raptor Lake-U Refresh processors and 16:9 displays

A new leak has revealed that the Galaxy Book4 and Galaxy Book4 360 will be some of the first laptops to sport Intel Raptor Lake-U Refresh processors. Reportedly, both machines will utilise the Intel Core 5 120U, as well as 8 GB of...
Alex Alderson, 15 Nov 2023 17:26
Samsung's Galaxy Book4 Pro models will likely line up in early 2024 alongside non-Pro and Ultra counterparts. (Image source: Samsung)

Samsung Galaxy Book4 Pro series to combine AMOLED displays and modern Intel Meteor Lake Core Ultra 7 155U processor

Samsung is preparing the Galaxy Book4 Pro and Galaxy Book4 Pro 360, specifications of which have already leaked online. Supposedly, Samsung will equip both machines with one of Intel's Meteor Lake processors, as well as high-resol...
Alex Alderson, 15 Nov 2023 17:21
The Galaxy Book4 Ultra carries the same dimensions and weight as its predecessor. (Image source: Samsung)

Samsung Galaxy Book4 Ultra to launch as new Apple MacBook Pro 16 competitor with Intel Core Ultra 9 185H processor and NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4070 GPU

Various specifications for the Galaxy Book4 Ultra have surfaced online, courtesy of a typically reliable source. Reportedly, the Samsung Galaxy Book4 Ultra will be one of the first laptops to combine an Intel Meteor Lake processor...
Alex Alderson, 15 Nov 2023 17:17
Simply NUC intros the Bloodhound mini PC that's designed for demanding setups (Image source: TechPowerUp)

Simply NUC Bloodhound launches with fanless, rugged design

Simply NUC has unveiled a brand-new all-in-one computing solution for Edge and IoT needs. Called the Simply NUC Bloodhoud, this mini-PC features a fanless and rugged design that makes it suitable for demanding environments.
Abid Ahsan Shanto, 15 Nov 2023 07:30
Beelink SEi12 sees a massive 43% price cut on Amazon (Image source: Amazon)

Deal | Beelink SEi12 mini PC with 12th Gen i5 drops by 43%

Amazon’s early Black Friday deal has knocked the Beelink SEi12 by 43%. The variant with 16 GB of RAM and 500 GB of storage is currently listed at US$309, down from US$539.
Abid Ahsan Shanto, 14 Nov 2023 13:21
Desktop Intel Arrow Lake, ARL-S, CPUs reportedly bring only a 15% multi-core and 5% single-core uplift vs the 14th-gen parts. (Image source: Intel)

Intel accused of misleading claims in Q3 Earnings Report as Panther Lake and Nova Lake LLC could release in Q4 2024 and H1 2025

Serial leaker Moore’s Law Is Dead is at it again with a new set of leaks regarding the release date information of Intel Arrow Lake, Panther Lake, and Nova Lake LLC (Last Level Cache) CPUs. The leaker alleges that Team Blue’s give...
Fawad Murtaza, 14 Nov 2023 12:57
Fast, lightweight, well-equipped business notebook.

Premium performance at a premium price: Asus ExpertBook review finds no weaknesses

Weighing just 1 kg, an OLED display with 5 million pixels and a CPU that exploits its full potential despite its slim design: the outstanding final score of the Asus ExpertBook is hardly surprising. Only one aspect should be viewe...
Mario Petzold, 14 Nov 2023 01:09
ThundeRobot Mix gaming mini PC gets restocked and is now available through third-party retailers (Image source: ThundeRobot weibo)

ThundeRobot Mix gaming mini PC, styled like Alienware Steam Machine, gets restocked

ThundeRobot announced the MIX gaming mini PC back in September of this year. Featuring a starting price tag of CNY5499 (around US$754), the initial launch had a limited stock. Now, ThundeRobot has restocked the mini PC and is offe...
Abid Ahsan Shanto, 13 Nov 2023 18:46
AAEON unveils the GENE-RAP6 with Raptor Lake CPUs (Image source: AAEON)

AAEON GENE-RAP6 debuts with Intel 13th Gen processors

AAEON has officially unveiled the GENE-RAP6 SBC. It’s the first single-board computer from the brand that features embedded Intel 13th Gen processors. Alongside that, the board has versatile expandability and connectivity features...
Abid Ahsan Shanto, 13 Nov 2023 14:57
NiPoGi AK2 PLUS brings Intel N100 in a familiar design (Image source: NiPoGi)

NiPoGi AK2 PLUS debuts with scalable specs

NiPoGi dropped a brand-new mini PC, the NiPoGi AK2 PLUS. It comes with an Intel N100 Alder Lake-N CPU, which is a great processor for media, office, and productivity workloads.
Abid Ahsan Shanto, 12 Nov 2023 12:01
ThinkPad X1 Carbon G11 Max: A boon for traveling memory junkies

ThinkPad X1 Carbon G11 Max: A boon for traveling memory junkies

Some people need more memory than everyone else - especially when virtualization comes into play. Often, laptops with a high amount of RAM are pretty big or heavy. The key selling point of the maximum configuration of the Lenovo T...
Benjamin Herzig, 11 Nov 2023 08:43
PELADN WI-6 makes its debut with Intel N100 CPU

PELADN intros low-power WI-6 mini PC

PELADN has launched the WI-6 mini PC. At the core, it's a low-power system with an Intel N100 CPU. Although it's not the most powerful processor in the mini PC market, it can handle productivity apps, 4K playback, and browsing wit...
Abid Ahsan Shanto, 10 Nov 2023 16:54
Topton GM1 combines fanless design with powerful specs (Image source: AliExpress)

Topton GM1 brings 13th Gen Core i7 in fanless, zero-noise chassis

Topton has started selling a very interesting mini PC. Unlike some of the other systems with powerful specs, the Topton GM1 offers the Intel Core-i7 1355U CPU in a fanless chassis. That means the mini PC will make zero noise durin...
Abid Ahsan Shanto, 10 Nov 2023 16:53
Minisforum NPB6 debuts with better specs than NAB6 (Image source: Minisforum)

Minisforum NPB6 offers 13th Gen Core i7 in a familiar design

Minisforum launched the NAB6 earlier this year, bringing powerful specs with a well-designed chassis. Now, the Chinese mini PC manufacturer has refreshed its Venus Series with the Minisforum NPB6, offering even better specs in the...
Abid Ahsan Shanto, 10 Nov 2023 16:24
The external Liquid Propulsion Package considerably reduces noise. (Image Source: Eluktronics)

Deal | Eluktronics Prometheus XVI G2 gaming laptop with Intel i9-13900HX, Nvidia RTX 4090 and external water cooler only US$2,499.95

The only configuration currently available on Amazon comes with 32 GB of DDR5-4800 RAM, 1 TB Samsung 980 Pro SSD storage. Also included are a 16-inch IPS display with 2560 x 1600 resolution and 240 Hz refresh rate, plus Thunderbol...
Bogdan Solca, 10 Nov 2023 14:16
Asus VivoBook Pro 16 K6602VU in review

88% Asus VivoBook Pro 16 (2023) Laptop Review: Core i9-13900H, RTX 4050, and 3.2K OLED augur well for hobbyist creators

Vivid viewing, middling speeds. The 2023 Asus VivoBook Pro 16 comes across as a capable choice for budding content creators seeking a well-rounded laptop. The combination of a Core i9-13900H, RTX 4050, and the vibrant 3.2K 120 Hz OLED panel indicates good potential, but our review discovers that the VivoBook Pro 16's artistic aspirations are not without limitations.
Intel Core i9-13900H | NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4050 Laptop GPU | 16.00" | 1.9 kg
Vaidyanathan Subramaniam, 10 Nov 2023 05:36
The Meteor Lake Core Ultra 9 185H allegedly scores around 7,700 points in the Cinebench R20 Multi-Core test. (Source: Moore's Law Is Dead/Intel-edited)

Leaked Core Ultra 9 185H performance vs 13th-gen Raptor Lake points to efficiency as primary selling point

The Intel Core Ultra 9 185H, the flagship chip from the Meteor Lake lineup, is expected to make its debut inside laptops in 2024. According to the latest leak by Moore’s Law Is Dead, the chip fails to convincingly overtake the com...
Fawad Murtaza, 08 Nov 2023 20:45
Apple M2 Ultra (Image source: Apple)

Apple M2 Ultra vs the might of x86

CheckMag The launch of Apple's first home-grown CPU design in late 2020 has sparked an arms race with x86 giants such as AMD and Intel. The M2 Ultra has a total of 24 CPU cores in which 16 are performance cores and 8 are efficiency cores. ...
Daniel Murti, 08 Nov 2023 08:58
Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon Gen 11 Laptop Review: Virtual machine beast with CPU trouble

89% Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon Gen 11 Laptop Review: Virtual machine beast with CPU trouble

Lightweight 64 GB RAM. The Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon G11 is the first model of this line with up to 64 GB of RAM. To get this amount of RAM, users have to buy a version with the most powerful P28-CPU, the i7-1370P. Unfortunately, as our review shows, this CPU is ill-suited for this elegant business laptop.
Intel Core i7-1370P | Intel Iris Xe Graphics G7 96EUs | 14.00" | 1.2 kg
Benjamin Herzig, 08 Nov 2023 08:42
TOPTON V700 features Intel Core i9-1300H at an affordable price

TOPTON V700 brings Core i9-13900H at budget-friendly price

TOPTON has started selling the V700 mini PC. It comes with an Intel Core i9-13000H CPU, a processor we've only seen in the mini PCs residing in the high-end budget range. But the TOPTON V700 is currently priced at US$580 on AliExp...
Abid Ahsan Shanto, 08 Nov 2023 06:58
 MeLE Overclock4C launches with pocket-sized form factor and great specs

MeLE debuts Overclock4C: A pocket-friendly, pocket-sized mini PC with powerful internals

MeLE has updated its Overclock mini PC lineup by launching the Overclock4C. Although it has a pocket-sized form factor, the unit is a full-fledged mini PC with Intel N95 and 16 GB of RAM. It’s currently available on Amazon with a ...
Abid Ahsan Shanto, 07 Nov 2023 20:28
CWWK Mini M1 and Superfan M1 launched with super compact form factors

CWWK launches two interesting super compact mini PCs: Mini M1 and Superfan M1

Chinese manufacturer CWWK has started selling two super compact mini PCs: CWWK Mini M1 and CWWK Superfan M1. Although they are tiny in size, each packs powerful specs and offers a lot of functionality.
Abid Ahsan Shanto, 07 Nov 2023 11:47
GMKtec unveils the NucBox M2 with an old yet highly capable CPU

GMK NucBox M2 debuts with performance-focused specs

GMK has updated its NucBox lineup with the NucBox M2 mini PC. It features an Intel Core i7-11390H CPU, which might be a little dated now but is still capable of modern workloads. The other specs of the unit are great too.
Abid Ahsan Shanto, 06 Nov 2023 18:17
PELADN debuts the sleek and powerful HI-3 mini PC

PELADN HI-3 mini PC launches with cutting-edge specs

PELADN has officially unveiled the HI-3 mini PC. Featuring an Intel Core i5-11300H CPU, it’s a compact device that packs a punch. This mini PC will be available from November 8th with a price tag of CNY2599, approximately US$356....
Abid Ahsan Shanto, 06 Nov 2023 18:09
Acer Swift Go 14 (2023) review: The quiet 14-inch laptop with a 2.9k OLED panel and a QHD webcam

MacBook Air Acer-style with OLED, USB 4 and a moderate price

The Swift Go 14 boasts a low weight (1.3 kg), an aluminum case and an OLED screen (2,880 x 1,800 pixels, 90 Hz) with a work-friendly 16:10 aspect ratio. Furthermore, the laptop features two USB 4 ports and a QHD webcam.
Sascha Mölck, 05 Nov 2023 14:12
Acer Swift Go 14 (2023) review: The 14-inch laptop with a 2.9k OLED panel for US$800

86% Acer Swift Go 14 (2023) review: The 14-inch laptop with a 2.9k OLED panel for US$800

OLED office. The Swift Go 14 boasts a low weight (1.3 kg), an aluminum case and an OLED screen (2,880 x 1,800 pixels, 90 Hz) with a work-friendly 16:10 aspect ratio. Furthermore, the laptop features two USB 4 ports, a QHD webcam and an attractive price (US$800).
Intel Core i5-1335U | Intel Iris Xe Graphics G7 80EUs | 14.00" | 1.3 kg
Sascha Mölck, 04 Nov 2023 13:43
Lenovo ThinkPad P1 G6

The ThinkPad X1 Extreme is now a thing of the past, instead, the ThinkPad P1 is now available

Lenovo's new ThinkPad P1 G6 performs admirably as a mobile workstation with fast GPUs and a vivid IPS display. At the same time, it replaces the previous multimedia flagship ThinkPad X1 Extreme, which is a questionable marketing c...
Andreas Osthoff, 04 Nov 2023 10:53
The new Xiaomi Book 14 on the company's global website. (Image: Xiaomi)

Xiaomi Book 14: New notebook with 120 Hz fast 2.8K display launches globally in two different models

Xiaomi is launching a new notebook globally in the form of the Book 14, which features two different Intel processors and a high-resolution 2.8K display with 120 Hz.
Marcus Schwarten, 03 Nov 2023 22:31
Budget-friendly RTX 4060 laptop (Image Source: Gigabyte)

Deal | Gigabyte G6 gaming laptop with i7-13620H and RTX 4060 drops to US$999.99

This model also features a 16-inch 1920 X 1200 IPS display with 165 Hz refresh rate and 100% sRGB color gamut, 16 GB of DDR5-4800 RAM, 512 GB PCIe 4.0 NVMe SSD and a microSD card reader. The RTX 4060 is limited to 75 W, however.
Bogdan Solca, 03 Nov 2023 14:56
GEEKOM intros the Mini Air12 mini PC

GEEKOM Mini Air12 launches with Intel N100 CPU and 16 GB of RAM

GEEKOM has launched the Mini Air12. Powered by the Intel 12th Gen Alder Lake N100 CPU, 16 GB of DDR5 RAM, and 512 GB of NVMe SSD, the mini PC offers a great performance for the money.
Abid Ahsan Shanto, 03 Nov 2023 13:23
The ThinkPad X1 Fold debuted at IFA 2022. (Image source: Lenovo)

Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Fold now available with 'several incremental improvements' after year-long wait

Lenovo's second-generation ThinkPad X1 Fold is now available to purchase, a year after its initial showcase. In the intervening period, Lenovo has made various changes to the device, which still carries a US$2,499 starting price.
Alex Alderson, 02 Nov 2023 19:48
Intel is promising considerable performance improvements with Graphics Driver (Image source: Intel)

Latest Intel Arc and Iris Xe driver updates promise up to 750% in-game performance improvements

Intel has released a new graphics driver for its entire Arc and Iris Xe product stack. Not only does Intel Graphics Driver introduce official support for various new games, but it also brings unbelievable performance...
Alex Alderson, 02 Nov 2023 15:24
The Intel Core i7-14700HX has shown up on Geekbench (image via Intel)

Intel Core i7-14700HX shows up on Geekbench with increased core count and up to 18% performance uplift over the Core i7-13700HX

The Intel Core i7-14700HX made its Geekbench debut recently. Like its desktop counterpart, it comes with an increased number of efficiency cores and a slightly higher boost clock.
Anil Ganti, 01 Nov 2023 19:37
Includes fast RAM and storage produced by Adata. (Image Source: Adata)

Deal | Adata XPG Xenia 15G gaming laptop with i7-13700H and RTX 4060 plus XPG Precog headset only US$1,199

Other specs for this configuration includes fast 16 GB DDR5-5600 RAM and 1 TB PCIe 4.0 SSD, both produced by Adata, a 15.6-inch 1080p 144 Hz display, and a robust port selection with three video outputs. The bundled Precog headset...
Bogdan Solca, 01 Nov 2023 15:23
Lenovo Yoga Slim 7 14 G8

Yoga Slim 7 vs. Yoga Pro 7 - The fight for Lenovo's best 14-inch subnotebook

Lenovo offers two very good 14-inch subnotebooks with the Yoga Slim 7 and Yoga Pro 7. We reviewed both models and compare them with each other.
Andreas Osthoff, 01 Nov 2023 14:11
AceMagic Tank 03

AceMagic intros the Tank 03 mini PC with beefed-up specs and a futuristic design

AceMagic has just unveiled a new mini PC that is tailored for gamers. Although it's not AceMagic's first small form factor PC for gamers, the Tank 03 mini PC is the company's most powerful model to date. The mini PC also comes wit...
Abid Ahsan Shanto, 31 Oct 2023 21:11
Biostar Z790 Valkyrie motherboard (Source: Biostar)

Biostar highlights four Intel Core i9-14900K compatible motherboards

The Biostar Z790 Valkyrie, Z790A-Silver, Z690A Valkyrie, and Z690A-Silver are being (re)introduced today as the best mainboards for use with the leading processor of the 14th generation Intel Core lineup, namely the i9-14900K. The...
Codrut Nistor, 31 Oct 2023 14:16
One of the highlights of the Legion 9i 16IRX8 is a thin chassis and understated, yet decidedly still gaming-themed, design.

3 Lenovo Legion 9i Gen 8 review highlights that justify its ultra-high-end US$4,000+ pricetag

CheckMag In our review, we called the Lenovo Legion 9i Gen 8 16IRX8 the best Legion that money can buy, and that's not just because of its US$4,399 price and built-in water cooling. The Legion 9i Gen 8 earns its praise with an astonishingl...
Julian van der Merwe, 30 Oct 2023 22:09
AAEON debuts the GENE-ADN6

AAEON introduces GENE-ADN6 single-board computer that packs a surprising punch

AAEON has unveiled its newest single-board computer (SBC), the AAEON GENE-ADN6. It’s a 3.5-inch sub-compact board that’s packed with Intel’s latest processors. But what really makes it stand out is that the board is built to excel...
Abid Ahsan Shanto, 30 Oct 2023 21:00
Acer Predator BiFrost Arc A770 OC desktop GPU with 16 GB VRAM tested with current games

Acer Predator BiFrost Arc A770 OC desktop GPU with 16 GB VRAM tested with current games

With the introduction of the Intel Arc graphics cards, Intel is an additional manufacturer of desktop graphics cards besides AMD and Nvidia. Intel focusses more on the price range up to 400 Euros (~$422). We took a detailed look a...
Sebastian Bade, 30 Oct 2023 17:31
ASUS will soon launch a Raptor Lake Refresh edition of the ROG Strix SCAR 16, current model pictured. (Image source: ASUS)

ASUS and Lenovo shown to be preparing high-end Intel Raptor Lake Refresh gaming laptops

It seems that several gaming laptop manufacturers are working towards introducing Intel Raptor Lake Refresh-based gaming laptops. Arriving as the Core i5-14650HX, Core i7-14700HX and Core i9-14900HX, the trio will end up in the li...
Alex Alderson, 30 Oct 2023 12:54
ASRock DeskMini B760 mini PC

ASRock launches the DeskMini B760 mini PC in Japan and China

Announced last month, ASRock has officially launched the DeskMini B760 mini PC in Japan and China. The starting price of the mini PC is 34,980 Yen in Japan (around US$233) and 1,489 Yuan in China (around US$203).
Abid Ahsan Shanto, 30 Oct 2023 03:01
Phanteks Glacier One D30 AIO

Phanteks debuts 420 mm Glacier One D30 AIO

Phanteks, a well-known name in the realm of PC cooling solutions, has expanded its Glacier One D30 AIO lineup with a 420 mm model. Otherwise known as the Phanteks Glacier One 420D30 AIO, the new cooler aims to deliver exceptional ...
Abid Ahsan Shanto, 28 Oct 2023 19:00
Acer Predator Helios 18 laptop review: RTX 4080 gamer with MiniLED display at over 1,000 nits

88% Acer Predator Helios 18 laptop review: RTX 4080 gamer with MiniLED display at over 1,000 nits

Alien vs Predator? The 18-inch Predator Helios 18 is a true desktop replacement, particularly for gamers and creatives. This is ensured by the very bright MiniLED display in addition to the RTX 4080 and the strong i9-13900HX. Read on to find out whether the laptop also qualifies for gamers and creative people in terms of its other features.
Intel Core i9-13900HX | NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4080 Laptop GPU | 18.00" | 3.2 kg
Christian Hintze, 28 Oct 2023 01:57
Acer Predator BiFrost Arc A770 OC

Acer Predator BiFrost Arc A770 OC desktop graphics card review - How does Intel's most powerful gaming card with 16 GB VRAM perform?

A good alternative? The two big players, Nvidia and AMD, often represent the first choice in the gaming industry. But for about a year now, Intel also has been playing a role in the area of the dedicated desktop GPUs. In this review, we evaluate the performance capabilities of the Acer Predator BiFrost Arc A770 OC on the basis of the current drivers. With 16 GB of VRAM, Intel isn't stingy, and their price also makes the models of the Arc series very attractive.
AMD Ryzen 9 7950X | Intel Arc A770 | 32.00" | 999 g
Sebastian Bade, 27 Oct 2023 23:19
The SimplyNUC Onyx series is now available at a cheaper price without a case. (Image source: SimplyNUC)

SimplyNUC Onyx: 4X4 motherboard now available at cheaper starting price with Intel Core i5-13500H, Core i7-13700H and Core i9-13900H processors

The SimplyNUC Onyx line has been updated to include cheaper motherboard-only options. Available as the NUC130XBi5, NUC130XBi7 and NUC130XBv9, the 4X4 motherboard all feature Intel Raptor Lake-H processors, as well as a minimum of ...
Alex Alderson, 27 Oct 2023 19:22
XeSS is almost 2x faster than native. (Image Source: Intel)

Intel shows XeSS performance boost for Meteor Lake iGPU running Dying Light 2

Unfortunately, Intel is not showing exact fps counts, probably because it is still working to improve driver performance before the December launch. Still, we can see that XeSS, Team Blue's super sampling solution is almost 2x fas...
Bogdan Solca, 27 Oct 2023 18:46
AOOSTAR re-uses the R1's shell for the more powerful R7. (Image source: AOOSTAR)

AOOSTAR R1: New mini-PC doubles as NAS with twin 3.5-inch bays

The R1 is one of a few mini-PCs that AOOSTAR sells. The AOOSTAR R1 measures 162 x 162 x 198 mm, relies upon the Intel Processor N100 and has various expansion options, including a pair of 3.5-inch drive slots and 2.5 Gigabit RJ45 ...
Alex Alderson, 27 Oct 2023 14:57


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