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Thailand's PM testing the Cybertruck's tonneau cover (image: Srettha Thavisin/X)

Cybertruck vs Ford F-150 vs Rivian R1T EV off-road skills showcased as Tesla sends release event invites

Contrary to expectations, the Ford F-150 Lightning aced the admittedly moderate off-road challenge no worse than the Cybertruck and its 14-inch suspension lift. Tesla has now started sending out Cybertruck event invitations to att...
Daniel Zlatev, 16 Nov 2023 00:13
BMW's Munich plant will produce new electric vehicles based on the Neue Klasse architecture. (Image source: BMW)

BMW goes EV-only for German powertrains — no end in sight for ICE cars

BMW is shifting focus to electric vehicles at its Munich plant, putting the full brunt of its main R&D centre behind the new tech. The brand will, however, continue to make internal combustion engines — just not in Germany. The Mu...
Julian van der Merwe, 15 Nov 2023 18:26
Oversized EVs defeat the object of electrification, and their ranks are growing. (Image source: Tesla - edited)

Tesla's Cybertruck is just another bloated EV that misses the point of green transportation

CheckMag Electric cars were conceived as a more environmentally-friendly form of transport. With the effectiveness of EVs being called into question more and more, it's time to address the elephant-sized trucks and SUVs in the room. Super-...
Julian van der Merwe, 15 Nov 2023 16:48
Tesla may allow first-year resale of the Cybetrtruck, after all. (Image source:Tesla - edited)

Tesla quietly deletes Cybertruck anti-scalping clause from sales contract

Tesla has removed language from its Cybertruck sales agreement that required buyers to grant Tesla first right of refusal should the buyer of the Cybertruck decide to sell it within the first year of ownership. It's unclear why Te...
Julian van der Merwe, 15 Nov 2023 00:01
ZF has been testing its brake-by-wire system on a BYD Han EV, although the company hasn't confirmed plans to install the system in production vehicles just yet. (Image source: ZF)

Fluid-free brake-by-wire system touts lower maintenance, better range for EVs

German company ZF, claims that brake-by-wire is the future of EV deceleration tech, touting range increases of up to 17%. The dry system uses electric motors to generate braking force, as opposed to hydraulic fluid. The company al...
Julian van der Merwe, 14 Nov 2023 23:10
Volvo has presented its first fully electric van, the EM90.

Volvo EM90 electric van comes as a 6-seater with 116 kWh battery and bidirectional charging (V2G)

Volvo recently presented its first fully electric van, the EM90. Based on the Geely Zeekr 009, the Volvo EM90 is therefore a luxuriously equipped electric MPV with plenty of space and comfort as well as high safety standards thank...
Ronald Matta, 13 Nov 2023 22:39
Segway Ninebot KickScooter Max G2 E-Scooter review: Great handling thanks to full hydraulic suspension

Segway Ninebot KickScooter Max G2 E-Scooter review: Great handling thanks to full hydraulic suspension

Possibly reference-grade. The Ninebot KickScooter Max G2 is one of the latest e-scooters from Ninebot/Segway and has a starting price of around €800 (US$857). For that amount of money, you are getting a 551 Wh battery, which should provide a range of up to 70 km (44 mi), a powerful 450 W motor, hydraulic suspension at the front and back, and 10-inch wheels.
Christian Hintze, 13 Nov 2023 21:31
Canoo is really going for full American appeal with its latest pickup truck reveal. (Image source: Canoo/Unsplash - edited)

Canoo reinvents its electric pickup as quirky American Bulldog compact off-road pickup

Canoo's aptly-named American Bulldog brings short-snouted, quirky looks to the off-road scene. The American Bulldog is touted as a minimalist, functional off-road pickup truck designed for “work, adventure, and service.” It should...
Julian van der Merwe, 13 Nov 2023 20:44
The Meizu 21's display chin, measured. (Source: Meizu)

Meizu 21 aims to kill the chin in teaser for imminent launch

Meizu hints that its upcoming flagship Android smartphone is coming for the Xiaomi 14 in terms of ultra-narrow-bezel screens. The 21 is touted to put an end to the display chin (or disproportionately thick bottom border) with an a...
Deirdre O'Donnell, 13 Nov 2023 17:52
The Tesla Cybertruck may launch on November 30 with a full FSD v12 support, if Musk's timeline is accurate. (mage source: Adan Guajardo on X - edited)

Tesla FSD v12 may or may not launch alongside Cybertruck as Elon Musk touts questionable “About 2 weeks” timeline

Tesla's Full Self-Driving v12 has long been touted as the first non-beta release of the company's automated driving technology. Elon Musk's recent comments indicate that FSD v12 will arrive just in time for the launch of the Cyber...
Julian van der Merwe, 13 Nov 2023 17:49
New Cybertruck gigacasts (image: Joe Tegtmeyer/X)

Model Y insurance costs may be lowered as Tesla addresses gigacast part deformation concerns and repair prices

Automotive insurers oftentimes prefer to total a Tesla vehicle and write it off rather than repair it at a prohibitive cost. Tesla has now started delivering gigacast chassis parts to repair shops at cost and has addressed deforma...
Daniel Zlatev, 13 Nov 2023 10:39
NIU's XQi3 offers a more power than the Sur Ron Light Bee X at a slightly higher price, while also providing an option for buyers after less edgy looks. (Image source: NIU)

8 kW NIU electric motorcycle takes aim at Sur Ron with Cyberpunk styling

The NIU XQi3 electric dirt bike has a peak power output of 8 kW, and a top speed of up to 75 km/h (46.6 mph). Both versions of the 76 kg dirt bike features a removable battery, dual-piston brakes, and 19-inch wheels. At US$5,499, ...
Julian van der Merwe, 13 Nov 2023 00:39
Tesla makes it impossible to flip the Cybertruck (image: Jordi Cor/YT)

Tesla tips Cybertruck price depreciation rate to make reselling difficult for early buyers

The industry influencers and other select few who will receive an early Cybertruck delivery on the November 30 release date will have a hard time reselling the pickup. Tesla has amended its terms of sale specifically for the Cyber...
Daniel Zlatev, 12 Nov 2023 22:15
BMW will let drivers watch videos on their infotainment screens while using Level 3 self-driving features. (Image source: BMW)

BMW Personal Pilot L3 aims to beat Tesla FSD Beta in 2024

BMW is launching what it calls “highly automated driving” features in Germany. While Germany gets the SAE Level 3 Personal Pilot L3 system, the current Highway Assistant suite is limited to Level 2 in the US and Canada. BMW's Leve...
Julian van der Merwe, 12 Nov 2023 00:50
The new Mini Cooper SE will eventually be released as a John Cooper Works version, which promises more performance, fun, and styling changes. (Image source: Mini - edited)

Mini rejects ludicrous acceleration to keep "go-kart fun" for upcoming JCW performance EV — promises light weight and fun driving

Mini aims to bring the John Cooper Works brand into the modern era with its new electric drivetrain, but the brand will continue to focus on the fun side of driving in its performance EVs. Mini Coopers are known for their nimble h...
Julian van der Merwe, 11 Nov 2023 22:22
Cybertruck topping up at a Supercharger (image: Tyler Yust/X)

Cybertruck to sport powered frunk with automatic close and suspension lowering in park but 'UI will be the best part'

When the Top Gear crew was filmed testing the Cybertruck for their review that is likely to air after release date, it seemed that they are opening the frunk manually. Now, however, there is a claim that the Cybertruck frunk will ...
Daniel Zlatev, 11 Nov 2023 11:07
Lucid is introducing bi-directional EV charging to its Air EVs via an OTA update. (Image source: Lucid)

Lucid Air OTA update launches V2V charging, outclasses all but 11 kW Cupra Born for power output

Lucid has introduced its RangeXchange feature via an OTA update. This allows existing Lucid Air owners to share their electric sedan's massive battery with other drivers in a pinch. The feature requires a V2V adaptor, and Lucid cl...
Julian van der Merwe, 11 Nov 2023 07:48
The Tesla Cybertruck made quite a show of climbing the Hollister Hill Stair Step incline during a recent off-road testing outing. (Image source: @stretch_thecj2l on Instagram)

New Tesla Cybertruck off-road video reveals sketchy ascent up Hollister Hill Stair Step climb

The Tesla Cybertruck has appeared once more, being tested up the Stair Step at Hollister Hill. While the EV made it up the stairs, the suspension appeared notably firm, displaying little flex as the traction control system clamour...
Julian van der Merwe, 11 Nov 2023 00:42
The "Polestar Phone". (Source: Not Zheng Xiaokang on Weibo)

Polestar Phone is pitched as premium smartphone in new leak

The increasingly popular electric vehicle (EV) brand Polestar is definitely making its own smartphone, according to a new leak. An alleged preview for the device reveals a modern design with design cues suspiciously similar to tho...
Deirdre O'Donnell, 10 Nov 2023 22:19
New Stealth Grey color is an option for Model 3 Highland (image: Tesla)

Tesla Model 3 Highland price hike due to rising production costs as BYD starts EV promos

BYD nearly matched Tesla's EV sales in Q3 and both competitors are trying to spearhead demand to pad their annual production and delivery numbers. BYD is offering price discounts and trade-in promotions, while Tesla has undertaken...
Daniel Zlatev, 10 Nov 2023 18:23
The Decathlon Rockrider E-ST 100 now comes in White/Blue. (Image source: Decathlon)

New version of Decathlon Rockrider E-ST 100 cheaper e-bike arrives

Decathlon has released the Rockrider 27.5" Semi-Rigid Electric Mountain Bike E-ST 100 in a new White/Blue colorway. The e-bike, which launched earlier this year, features a 250W motor and 280Wh battery. Other features of the 8-spe...
Polly Allcock, 10 Nov 2023 18:06
Garmin Public Beta update version 19.15 is now available to the Edge 540, Edge 840 and Edge 1040 (above) bike computers. (Image source: Garmin)

Garmin Beta update 19.15 now available for Edge 540, Edge 840 and Edge 1040 bike computers

The Garmin Public Beta update version 19.15 is now available for the Edge 540, Edge 840 and Edge 1040 GPS bike computers. The software brings one bug fix to the gadgets and adds a new prompt to the 1040, making it harder to delete...
Polly Allcock, 10 Nov 2023 13:16
The Volkswagen ID.3 would make a great affordable addition to the company's US electric model lineup. (Image source: Volkswagen)

Volkswagen doubles down on EVs, teases sub-US$35,000 US-bound model

Volkswagen plans to bring an affordable EV to market in the US at under US$35,000 within the next three to four years. The German brand aims to manufacture the as-yet-unnamed EV in North America to take advantage of Inflation Redu...
Julian van der Merwe, 09 Nov 2023 23:04
Ellon Musk took to social media to poke fun at Lucid for adopting Tesla's NACS charging hardware. (Image source: PowerfulJRE on YouTube/Tesla/Lucid - edited)

Lucid adopts Tesla NACS and Elon Musk gloats about it on X

Lucid Motors will start installing Tesla's NACS hardware in its vehicles in 2025. Lucid's CEO, Peter Rawlinson, was previously hesitant about adopting the charging standard, citing high voltage as a priority. Tesla CEO, Elon Musk,...
Julian van der Merwe, 09 Nov 2023 21:03
Cybertruck water-resistance test (image: Joe Tegtmeyer/X)

Cybertruck undergoes water-resistance tests ahead of first release date deliveries

Tesla has reportedly begun retail Cybertruck production for customer delivery ahead of the November 30 release date. To prep for the launch deliveries, it is also doing final Cybertruck tests at Giga Texas.
Daniel Zlatev, 09 Nov 2023 20:46
Toyota has 5,000+ solid-state EV battery patents (image: Toyota)

Solid-state battery patent holdings topped by Toyota as it plans to be first with solid-state cell EV model in mass production

The top solid-state battery patent holder ranking has some surprising entrants and only one actual battery manufacturer. Toyota, which plans to have a mass produced EV with solid-state battery on the road after 2025.
Daniel Zlatev, 09 Nov 2023 19:44
Volvo plans to install two 9,000-ton IDRA gigapresses at its upcoming Slovakian EV factory in order to reduce manufacturing costs. (Image source: Volvo / IDRA - edited)

Volvo joins Toyota on Tesla gigacasting hype train for cheaper EVs as it signs agreement with Italian press maker

Volvo has signed an agreement with Chinese-owned Italian press maker IDRA for two 9,000-ton gigapresses. It plans to install these gigapresses in the new Slovakian EV plant. Gigacasting aims to simplify component manufacturing and...
Julian van der Merwe, 09 Nov 2023 18:17
The Tesla Cybertruck appears to have three bed-mounted power outlets, offering a degree of versatility to its future owners. (Image source: TFLEV on YouTube)

Tesla Cybertruck bed power outlets confirmed as 220 V, dual-110 V trifecta as sketchy leaked frunk dimensions put it far behind the competition

Questions about potential power outlets in the bed of the Cybertruck have finally been laid to rest. Video footage seemingly confirms that the Cybertruck will have two regular 110 V outlets alongside a 240 V NEMA 14-50 outlet capa...
Julian van der Merwe, 09 Nov 2023 07:34
Audi currently offers lighting and semi-automated parking packages for its e-tron and e-tron Sportback compact electric SUVs. (Image source: Audi)

Audi blames consumer demand for in-car software subscriptions as it expands on-demand features for future cars

Audi plans to amp up the number of “Functions on Demand” features in its vehicles in 2024. Despite backlash against these subscription models, Audi's technical boss claims that consumers want more paid software packages, and it's ...
Julian van der Merwe, 08 Nov 2023 22:44
The stylish Hyundai Ioniq 5 may be getting some price reductions in coming years, thanks to in-house battery development. (Image source: Hyundai)

Hyundai, Kia to adopt in-house LFP batteries for cheaper EVs in time for Tesla Model 2 — likely to qualify for US tax incentives

An industry source indicates that the Hyundai Motor Group will develop its own in-house battery technology in order to reduce reliance on Chinese sources. These lithium iron phosphate (LFP) batteries are to end up in entry-level a...
Julian van der Merwe, 08 Nov 2023 19:11
The Honda SC e: electric motorcycle has been confirmed for production. (Image source: Honda)

Honda SC e: new electric motorcycle with swappable batteries arriving in 2025

Honda is showing the SC e: electric motorcycle concept at EICMA 2023, where it has confirmed a production version is on its way to Europe. The new model has two swappable batteries which work with Honda’s mobile battery network. O...
Polly Allcock, 08 Nov 2023 13:26
The ENGWE E26 fat-tire bike can have a 750W motor. (Image source: ENGWE)

New ENGWE E26 fat-tire bike with 750W motor on show

The ENGWE E26 fat-tire e-bike is on show at EICMA 2023. The new model launched earlier this year, with two versions for the international and EU markets. Features of the more powerful international e-bike include a 750W motor, 87 ...
Polly Allcock, 08 Nov 2023 12:54
The Rotwild R.R275 X is a new e-gravel bike with eAssist and the Boost Button. (Image: Rotwild)

New Rotwild R.R275 X e-gravel comes with eAssist, Boost Button and electronic gearshift

Rotwild is launching its first e-gravel with eAssist in the R.R275 X. The gravel bike comes with the 250 W TQ HPR50 motor and can provide bursts of 300 W of additional power via the Boost Button on the handlebars.
Marcus Schwarten, 08 Nov 2023 05:47
Royal Enfield brought a dirty prototype of the electric Himalayan Test Bed to EICMA 2023 to appeal to the rough-and-tumble crowd. (Image source: Royal Enfield on YouTube)

EICMA 2023 | Electric Royal Enfield Himalayan makes shocking debut at EICMA bearing polished Himalayan 452 styling

The Royal Enfield HIM-E electric adventure bike concept confirms once again that the Indian motorcycle company is aiming at releasing an electric motorcycle in the near future. The styling and equipment closely resemble the update...
Julian van der Merwe, 08 Nov 2023 00:35
A white RWD base model of the Tesla Model 3 Project Highland has been tested on the Nürburgring Norschleife (Image: Misha Charoudin)

Tesla Model 3 Highland facelift pushed to its limits at one of the most challenging race tracks in the world

A recently published test drive video on YouTube shows that the brakes, tires and suspension of the Tesla Model 3 Highland are not suitable for the highly demanding Nordschleife in Germany. The electric sedan's new LFP battery, on...
Enrico Frahn, 07 Nov 2023 22:59
Tesla just settled a false FSD advertising lawsuit (image: Tesla)

Tesla refunds payment plus interest to Model 3 owner to settle false FSD advertising claim out of court

Tesla has removed the Full Self-Driving Beta services from the Model 3 of a buyer who sued it for failure to meet FSD claims. The owner argued that Elon Musk promised many features that never materialized.
Daniel Zlatev, 07 Nov 2023 18:03
The entry-level Kia EV9 Light RWD electric SUV is available to order in Canada. (Image source: Kia)

Kia EV9 trim levels and pricing announced for Canada

The final specifications and pricing for the Kia EV9 in Canada have been announced. Trim levels include the Light RWD, Wind RWD and Land AWD with optional upgrade packages. The differences between each version include increased ra...
Polly Allcock, 07 Nov 2023 14:27
The Neco E-Pop electric scooter has a 1,200W motor. (Image source: Neco)

Neco E-Pop scooter with powerful 1,200W motor and hydraulic suspension arrives

Neco has launched the E-Pop scooter in the EU. The electric model has a 1,200W motor, meaning European customers need the appropriate license or equivalent to operate the vehicle. Other features include hydraulic suspension at the...
Polly Allcock, 07 Nov 2023 11:45
Polestar intends for the Polestar 5 to be a high-performance GT car. (Image source: Polestar)

2025 Polestar 5 4-door GT car to deliver 884 hp, 900 Nm from dual motors powered by ultra-long SK On NMC cells

The upcoming Polestar 5 electric four-door GT car will use SK On's 56 cm NMC cells. The South Korean battery maker claims these cells offer high energy density and meet high safety standards, particularly for thermal protections. ...
Julian van der Merwe, 06 Nov 2023 22:18
New Stealth Grey vs old silver Tesla colors (image: Pixlrage/Reddit)

New Tesla Stealth Grey car color looks more chameleonic than Midnight Silver at a dealer lot

Tesla seems to be going for a '50 Shades of Grey' award as the new Stealth Grey color has been snapped next to the old Midnight Silver. It is as multicoat and chameleonic in nature as Elon Musk promised last year when teasing new ...
Daniel Zlatev, 06 Nov 2023 21:40
Kia has asked US dealerships to sell the new EV9 at its MSRP. (Image source: Kia)

Kia asks dealers not to markup new EV9 SUV in US

A leaked letter from Kia has revealed that the company is asking US dealerships to sell the new EV9 electric SUV at its MSRP. Customers can already reserve the model, with the first deliveries in early 2024 and prices starting at ...
Polly Allcock, 06 Nov 2023 20:05
The Jeep Wrangler Magneto 3.0 concept was a one-off built by Jeep that utilised a compact axial flux motor to drive all four wheels. It also featured traditional locking differentials and a two power settings. (Image source: Stellantis)

Jeep to kill ICE, PHEV Wrangler in favour of EV, mild hybrid powertrains in 2028 all-electric push

An agreement signed between Stellantis and the UAW confirms that by 2028, the Jeep Wrangler will only be offered with all-electric and mild hybrid drivetrains. The PHEV Wrangler 4xe will receive an update in 2025, and Jeep will di...
Julian van der Merwe, 06 Nov 2023 18:22
Giga Berlin would make the Model 2 (image: Gf4Tesla/X)

Cheapest Tesla Model 2 to be mass produced in more places

Tesla has all the permits for its Gigafactory in Mexico now, but it would be delaying the production of its rumored US$25,000 Model 2 there in favor of the Austin, TX factory. Another Model 2 Gigafactory could serve the European m...
Daniel Zlatev, 05 Nov 2023 18:30
Xiaomi allegedly brands its new car. (Source: Xiaohongshu via CNEVPost)

Xiaomi EV design and in-house speaker system hinted at in new leak

Xiaomi has made more progress toward the mass production of its long-awaited first-gen car, according to the latest leaks. The vehicle itself has also allegedly surfaced in a new in-the-wild leak - or, to be more accurate, part of...
Deirdre O'Donnell, 05 Nov 2023 18:07
The matte black wrap appears to hide any panel warping well without being an eyesore. (Image source: Greggertruck and AtomAntEater on X)

Matte black Tesla Cybertruck makes bold appearance with lead designer at the wheel as latest custom wrap

Tesla seems to be gunning for the “Matte black everything crowd,” as the Cybertruck takes to the street in what appears to be a matte black wrap. This indicates once again that Tesla may offer coloured wraps for the Cybertruck rig...
Julian van der Merwe, 05 Nov 2023 05:22
Two Rotwild e-bikes are set to be unveiled soon (Image source: Rotwild)

Rotwild R.X1000 and R.C1000: E-MTB and e-crossover with huge battery and revolutionary motor-gearbox unit

Rotwild is launching two new e-bikes with exciting features onto the market. The Rotwild R.X1000 e-MTB and the Rotwild R.C1000 e-crossover both feature the revolutionary Pinion MGU E1.12 motor/gearbox unit, which the manufacturer ...
Marcus Schwarten, 05 Nov 2023 00:02
The Cybertruck's manual frunk opening (image: zoolio/YT)

First Cybertruck reviews may air on release date as Top Gear tests showcase manual frunk hood open

The first Cybertruck reviews may start pouring in very soon and one of those is being done by none other than the Top Gear crew. Jack Rix was caught testing the Cybertruck version with white leather that Elon Musk rode to F1 not l...
Daniel Zlatev, 04 Nov 2023 17:37
New batteries in MIT Clean Energy Prize semifinals (Image: Anthro Energy)

New batteries for electric cars and wearables, backed by multi-million US$ funding, are both fire resistant and flexible

Anthro Energy's flexible energy storage systems will be used in next-generation electronic devices and are currently being sold to the first wearable manufacturers. The development team has identified promising applications for th...
Nicole Dominikowski, 04 Nov 2023 14:10
The price of the Lucid AIr Pure has come down enough to easily rival the Tesla Model S. (Image source: Lucid)

Lucid chops up to US$10,000 off prices for limited time as EV price war heats up

Lucid has reduced prices of almost all of its premium electric sedans by up US$10,000. The mid-range Air Grand Touring sees the highest discount, while the entry-level Air Pure still sells for US$77,400. The Air Pure offers 410 mi...
Julian van der Merwe, 03 Nov 2023 23:47
A leaked Xiaomi Car image. (Source: Car News China)

Xiaomi Car tipped to come with on-board crash detection

The personal electronics OEM Xiaomi has yet to follow through on its long-hyped foray into the automotive market; nevertheless, the company is still definitely working on it, according to a new leak. It reportedly reveals a new pa...
Deirdre O'Donnell, 03 Nov 2023 20:55


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