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The Opal Tadpole is available in black and white finishes. (Image source: Opal)

Opal Tadpole launches as new compact webcam designed to improve video chats with 48 MP Sony IMX582 sensor

Opal has released the Tadpole, a webcam that intends to provide excellent audio and image quality while maintaining a compact form factor. Weighing in at just 45 g including a USB Type-C cable, the Opal Tadpole utilises the Sony I...
Alex Alderson, 14 Nov 2023 21:36
Zoom has formally announced the release of Zoom Clips - source: Zoom News

Zoom Clips may eliminate pointless emails and meetings

To help with asynchronous work, Zoom has added a new feature that allows users to record, edit, and share videos. It seeks to eliminate the need for unnecessary emails or meetings.
Robert Gelo, 14 Nov 2023 21:02
The default 2 lens wide and ultrawide is the standard for all but the most expensive flagship phones (Credit: Notebookcheck)

Why the ultrawide has become the de facto second lens for all but the most premium smartphones

CheckMag The wide and ultrawide camera lenses seem to be the default setup for any phone that falls below the flagship tier. Who do we have to thank for this and are there any alternatives? If you aren't looking to spend top tier prices yo...
David Devey, 14 Nov 2023 13:53
Oppo and Hasselblad renewed their collaboration at Paris Photo and presented the "HyperTone camera system" for smartphones.

Thanks to HyperTone 2024, Hasselblad cameras in smartphones are set to become even better, as sample photos suggest

In the course of the Paris Photo Exhibition last week, the cooperation between camera professionals from Hasselblad and smartphone manufacturers Oppo and OnePlus was renewed and taken to a new level. What we can expect in 2024 in ...
Alexander Fagot, 12 Nov 2023 22:18
If you want a small phone with a big zoom think again, you probably won't find one. (Source: Notebookcheck)

If you want a phone with a 5x zoom, make sure you’ve got big hands

What was once considered "big" in smartphone terms is now the norm in the industry. But one feature seems to be tied specificially to the size of the screen. If you don't like big phones, don't expect to be on the cutting edge of ...
David Devey, 12 Nov 2023 08:28
Moment's Long Weekend has a retro look. (Image: Moment)

Moment launches Long Weekend as a cheap, analog 35mm camera in retro style

Moment is primarily known for its smartphone lenses and accessories. With the Long Weekend, the manufacturer is now presenting its first analog 35 mm camera, which offers a 31 mm lens and an integrated flash at an affordable price...
Hannes Brecher, 08 Nov 2023 22:10
The ISOCELL GNK may have debuted in the Pixel 8 series. (Image source: Google)

Google Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro may feature new Samsung ISOCELL GNK sensor

Samsung has outlined full specifications for the ISOCELL GNK, a new 50 MP sensor that builds on the ISOCELL GN1 and GNV. Seemingly, the ISOCELL GNK underpins the Google Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro's primary cameras, rather than custom...
Alex Alderson, 08 Nov 2023 18:40
The Pixel 8 makes do with 50 MP and 12 MP ultra-wide-angle cameras. (Image source: Google)

Google Pixel 8 surpasses Apple iPhone 14 Pro Max, Google Pixel 7 Pro and Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra in DxOMark camera analysis

The Pixel 8 has now been subjected to DxOMark's usual set of camera analyses. Despite having technically worse cameras than many of its competitors, it still manages to outperform the likes of the Apple iPhone 14 Pro Max and the S...
Alex Alderson, 08 Nov 2023 16:17
Sony's A9 III introduces a brand new 24.6 MP stacked CMOS sensor with global shutter functionality. (Image source: Sony)

Sony A9 III launches with world-first global shutter enabling 120 FPS burst shooting, 4K 120 FPS video

The Sony A9 III claims the title of the world's first full-frame camera with a global shutter. The 24.6 MP stacked CMOS sensor, along with the BIONZ XR image processor, delivers up to 120 FPS blackout-free shooting, and 4K 120 FPS...
Julian van der Merwe, 07 Nov 2023 18:46
Sony will likely launch the A9 III on November 7 during its "Special Event" livestram on YouTube. (Image source: Sony - edited)

Sony A9 III rumour pitches global shutter on new 24 MP full-frame sensor mere days ahead of expected November 8 launch

A new Sony A9 III rumour suggests that the upcoming full-frame camera will debut a new sensor with global shutter when it launches. Global shutter would completely eliminate rolling shutter, but may come at the expense of burst sp...
Julian van der Merwe, 06 Nov 2023 19:38
The first hands-on videos of the Xiaomi 14 Pro focuses on the new Leica camera and compares it with the Xiaomi 13 Pro, Xiaomi 13 Ultra and iPhone 15 Pro Max. (Image: Yu Chen Vision)

Xiaomi 14 Pro: First hands-on tests compare the Leica camera with Xiaomi 13 Pro, Ultra and Apple iPhone 15 Pro Max

Compared to the Xiaomi 13 Pro and Xiaomi 13 Ultra, the Xiaomi 14 Pro has a comparatively large number of upgrades, but also a controversial downgrade, which is why a camera comparison with its predecessors is particularly important. Moreover, Xiaomi's current Leica camera flagship has been compared to Apple's first periscope zoom phone, the iPhone 15 Pro Max.
Alexander Fagot, 06 Nov 2023 08:46
The OnePlus 12 should at least match the camera capabilities of the OnePlus Open. (Image source: OnePlus)

OnePlus 12 to launch with new Sony Lytia camera sensor as executive shares official camera samples

The OnePlus 12 may not have received an official release yet, but that has not stopped OnePlus and its executives from teasing the device. Not only has OnePlus confirmed that the OnePlus 12 will feature a custom Sony Lytia camera ...
Alex Alderson, 04 Nov 2023 23:06
The lens weighs just 157 g with an almost matching price of US$158 (Image Source: Viltrox)

Astoundingly cheap full-frame 20mm f/2.8 lens for Sony E-mount launched by Viltrox

Viltrox has just launched the AF 20mm F2.8 FE, a compact ultra-wide lens for full frame Sony E-mount cameras, at an extremely low price of US$158. Featuring a minimum focus distance about 19 cm and a quiet STM focus motor, the len...
Vishal Bhardwaj, 03 Nov 2023 14:28
Tesla Model 3 owners are experiencing problems with front cameras misting up in cold weather, rendering FSD and Autopilot inoperable. (Image source: Tesla)

Tesla Vision fails as owners complain of Model 3 cameras fogging up in cold weather

A number of Tesla owners have taken to Reddit after their front cameras fogged up and stopped working in cold weather, leaving several features, including the US$10,000 FSD Beta, inoperable. Tesla has declined to assist to these c...
Julian van der Merwe, 03 Nov 2023 00:50
The Camera Genie S. (Source: Psync)

Psync Camera Genie S launches touted as world's first GPT-powered indoor security camera

GPT has found its way into the smart home with the Camera Genie S, a gadget backed by its maker Psync Labs, Inc to keep watch over domestic life in the smartest way possible. The Genie S is rated to leverage its "innovative genera...
Deirdre O'Donnell, 01 Nov 2023 19:27
The iPhone 15 Pro could be the last model to feature 3x telephoto and 12 MP ultra-wide-angle cameras. (Image source: Notebookcheck)

Apple to pioneer moulded glass camera lenses starting with iPhone 16 Pro

According to a new report, Apple will equip its next Pro and Pro Max iPhones with a special lens type. Purportedly, the change is to allow the iPhone 16 Pro to feature Apple's tetra prism telephoto camera, which is currently an iP...
Alex Alderson, 31 Oct 2023 17:07
Samsung claims to have integrated plenty of new AI camera features within One UI 6. (Image source: Samsung)

One UI 6: Samsung details new AI camera features and new 200 MP resolution switcher for Galaxy S23 Ultra

Samsung has revealed various AI camera features that are included within One UI 6. Rolling out now to the Galaxy S23, Galaxy S23 Plus and Galaxy S23 Ultra, the changes should be available across all eligible Galaxy devices, exclud...
Alex Alderson, 31 Oct 2023 12:51
The new Leica M11-P with Summicron-M 28 mm f/2 ASPH lens

Leica M11-P launches as first camera with content credentials to verify origin of photos

Leica has just launched the new M11-P, the first camera ever with the Content Credentials standard integrated, which records encrypted metadata establishing the true origin of captured photos. This ensures proper credit to photogr...
Vishal Bhardwaj, 31 Oct 2023 05:27
Samsung will likely showcase its Zoom Anyplace sensor with the Galaxy S24 series. (Image source: Samsung)

Samsung demonstrates new 200 MP ISOCELL Zoom Anyplace camera features before Galaxy S24 series release

Samsung has released a new video demonstrating its new 200 MP 'Zoom Anyplace' camera sensor, which it will showcase alongside a new ISP. The same video hints at the Galaxy S24 series featuring Qualcomm's new Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 chi...
Alex Alderson, 29 Oct 2023 00:40
The teaser for the Special Event has led to speculation about the introduction of a LiDAR AF system. (Image source: Sony - edited)

Sony A9 III likely launching on November 8 as camera maker teases 'Special event' sparking speculation of LiDAR AF

Sony has revealed a special even where professionals and enthusiasts will be able to “pick up and experience the latest mirrorless α and lenses,” giving credence to recent rumours of a November launch for the Sony A9 III. Online s...
Julian van der Merwe, 29 Oct 2023 00:18
Canon appears to b e considering a mirrorless camera based on the design of the Canon AE-1, which has become popular among hobbyists. (Image source: The Canon Camera Museum)

Canon rumor points to retro mirrorless camera, with rangefinder designs possibly hinting at fixed-lens future

Canon appears to be hitching a ride aboard the nostalgia train, with leaks pointing to early research regarding a retro-inspired body. Canon is reaching into its own film camera history for the design, and has narrowed it down to ...
Julian van der Merwe, 27 Oct 2023 19:03
Supposedly leaked images of a Leica branded action camera (Image Source: Camera Beta via Weibo)

Leica branded action camera spotted in leaked images

A pair of leaked images have appeared on Chinese social network Weibo showing an action camera with a Leica branded lens, prompting speculation over whether this could be Leica’s own action camera or a co-branded one. The lens is ...
Vishal Bhardwaj, 25 Oct 2023 18:58
DJI has created numerous accessories for the Osmo Pocket 3, including a tripod. (Image source: DJI)

DJI Osmo Pocket 3 now available with 1-inch CMOS camera and rotating OLED display

DJI has released the Osmo Pocket 3, a compact handheld camera that contains plenty of upgrades over the ageing Pocket 2. Not only does the newer model have superior battery life and faster charging, but it also has a larger camera...
Alex Alderson, 25 Oct 2023 15:08
DJI will introduce the Osmo Pocket 3 later today. (Image source: @Quadro_News)

DJI Osmo Pocket 3: Detailed final leaks appear on release day

DJI is hours away from introducing the Osmo Pocket 3, the follow-up to the Pocket 2. In the meantime, two leakers have revealed even more details about the new mini camera, including differences between it and the Pocket 2.
Alex Alderson, 25 Oct 2023 13:56
The Xiaomi 14 will have three rear-facing cameras, including a new primary camera. (Image source: Xiaomi)

Xiaomi 14 impresses in early camera samples with Leica cameras

Xiaomi has published initial camera shots taken with the Xiaomi 14, the company's next compact flagship. Not only can the Snapdragon 8 Gen 3-backed smartphone capture plenty of detail in varying lighting conditions, even with its ...
Alex Alderson, 24 Oct 2023 16:24
Analogue Leica M cameras are becoming increasingly popular. (Image: Leica)

Leica celebrates most successful business year to date, sells 10 times as many analogue Leica M models as in 2015

German camera manufacturer Leica expects 2023 to be the strongest year in terms of sales in the company's 150-year history. This is not least due to the popularity of the Leica Q3 and the rising demand for analogue Leica M cameras...
Hannes Brecher, 24 Oct 2023 14:23
The iPhone camera may not be exactly as it seems (Image source: Apple - edited)

Apple needs to be more honest about the iPhone camera specification

CheckMag Does measuring features differently to the competition make a product better? Is Apple "Thinking Different" or hoping branding will sell more devices? There certainly seems to be some convenient favouritism shown by Apple in regar...
David Devey, 23 Oct 2023 20:07
Reolink's latest solar cameras. (Source: Reolink)

Reolink 4K Solar Camera Series launches touted as fully wireless home security solutions

Reolink has announced that all of its latest accessories "revolutionize" battery-powered home security systems with both solar power and "4K clarity" across the board. The line-up also includes choices of either Wi-Fi- or standalo...
Deirdre O'Donnell, 23 Oct 2023 19:15
The Osmo Pocket 3 may not be DJI's final product of 2023. (Image source: @Quadro_News)

DJI Osmo Pocket 3 pricing, specifications and unboxing videos surface before October 25 release

More details about the DJI Osmo Pocket 3 have emerged online, less than a week before the camera's official release. Not only have various product specifications leaked, but so have unboxing videos of a retail unit and US pricing.
Alex Alderson, 22 Oct 2023 10:27
Google's AI chops cannot push the Pixel 8 Pro beyond the iPhone 15 Pro series or the Huawei P60 Pro. (Image source: Google)

Google Pixel 8 Pro falls short of Apple iPhone 15 Pro Max and Huawei P60 Pro in DxOMark camera tests

The Google Pixel 8 Pro may have one of the best camera systems around, but it cannot match the might of some of its competitors. In a reversal of last year, Google's latest flagship falls short of its Apple and Huawei equivalents,...
Alex Alderson, 20 Oct 2023 20:11
The DJI Osmo Pocket 3 in its battery grip. (Image source: @Quadro_News)

DJI Osmo Pocket 3: Bumper leak reveals over 30 photos of new mini camera and launch accessories

The launch of the DJI Osmo Pocket 3 is just a few days away. In the meantime, a renowned leaker of all things DJI has published over two dozen pictures of the Pocket 2 successor, including a hands-on photo showcasing the camera's ...
Alex Alderson, 20 Oct 2023 19:45
The OnePlus Open serves as a showcase for the Sony LYT-T808. (Image source: OnePlus)

OnePlus Open said to match image quality of Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra with new Sony LYT-T808 camera

The OnePlus Open has now arrived, as has the Sony LYT-T808 camera sensor with it. Supposedly, Sony's new 'Pixel Stacked' technology allows the OnePlus Open to match the image quality of the Galaxy S23 Ultra or the Sony IMX989, despite having a smaller primary camera. OnePlus has also provided full details about the other cameras that have made their way into its first foldable.
Alex Alderson, 19 Oct 2023 17:00
The Summilux is Leica's best lens for mobiles (Image Source: Xiaomi - translated)

Xiaomi 14 will feature Leica's higher-end Summilux lens, confirms launch teaser

An official teaser released on Weibo has confirmed that the Xiaomi 14 series will feature Leica’s higher end Summilux lenses, and will launch in China later this month. Summilux lenses are known for better low-light performance th...
Vishal Bhardwaj, 19 Oct 2023 11:23
The Pocket 2's successor is rumoured to launch as the Osmo Pocket 3. (Image source: DJI)

DJI Osmo Pocket 3 release date confirmed as company teases 'For Moving Moments' launch event

DJI has now confirmed the date of its next launch event. Based on earlier rumours, the device next up for release is the Osmo Pocket 3, a handheld camera with a larger display than its predecessor coupled with improved optics.
Alex Alderson, 18 Oct 2023 18:19
The campaign met its initial funding goal in just 17 minutes (Image Source: I'm Back Film via Kickstarter)

Innovative digital film cartridge raises US$250k in 3 days on Kickstarter, further product details revealed

The Kickstarter campaign for the I’m Back digital sensor for film cameras went live a few days ago, and met its funding goal in just 17 minutes, raising US$250k in its first three days. Further details of the device’s functioning ...
Vishal Bhardwaj, 18 Oct 2023 10:51
The Hyperlux LP family of image sensors (Image Source: onsemi)

New ‘smart’ image sensors with built-in ISP will boost battery life, image clarity in AR/VR headsets, smart doorbells and security cameras

The new Hyperlux LP low power image sensors from onsemi are set to bring significant performance improvements in imaging applications like AR/VR headsets, smart home devices, security cameras and video conferencing. They not only ...
Vishal Bhardwaj, 17 Oct 2023 17:39
Sony's Alpha cameras could soon feature vibrating shutter buttons. (Image source: Sony)

Sony looks to haptic shutter buttons for innovative Alpha camera features

A Sony patent filing describes a shutter button that features haptic feedback in the form of vibration when certain actions take place. Sony provided little indication of what it plans to do with the feature in the patent document...
Julian van der Merwe, 17 Oct 2023 09:20
The Leica ZM 11 Titanium Launch Edition's red and black dial changes upon tilting (Image Source: Leica)

Leica announces ZM11 watch inspired by play of light and shadow

Leica has announced the new ZM 11 mechanical watch, which carries the same iconic design DNA as its cameras, and has a dual-layered dial inspired by the play of light and shadow. The three variants feature a titanium or steel case...
Vishal Bhardwaj, 17 Oct 2023 07:11
The Osmo Pocket 3 is slated to arrive before the end of the month. (Image source: @Quadro_News - edited)

Osmo Pocket 3: New images leak of DJI's next handheld mini camera

More details and images of the DJI Osmo Pocket 3 have emerged online ahead of the device's official release. Based on earlier rumours, DJI will launch its next handheld camera before the end of the month, likely with an optional C...
Alex Alderson, 16 Oct 2023 20:19
A leaked Pocket 3 poster. (Source: Quadro_News via Twitter/X)

DJI Osmo Pocket 3 launch date leaks along with new promo material

DJI will unveil a third-gen hand-held mini camera later in October 2023, according to the latest leaked campaign assets. The official-looking branded posters are depicted as spilling the new Osmo-series tagline as well as the Pock...
Deirdre O'Donnell, 14 Oct 2023 17:32
The iPhone 16 Pro is rumoured to borrow the iPhone 15 Pro Max's 5x telephoto camera, pictured. (Image source: Notebookcheck)

iPhone 16 Pro: Apple rumoured to bring improved connectivity and camera upgrades galore to larger Pro model

According to a new report, Apple is set to make numerous upgrades to its next smaller Pro model next year. While the iPhone 16 Pro is rumoured to be slightly larger than the current iPhone 15 Pro, this will coincide with the adopt...
Alex Alderson, 13 Oct 2023 13:00
The new Canon RF 10-20mm F4L IS STM (Image Source: Canon)

Canon launches distortion-free compact ultra-wide 10-20mm f/4 lens

Canon has just launched what it claims is the “widest auto focus zoom lens ever made for a full frame camera”, the RF 10-20mm F4L IS STM. It is a non-fisheye (aka rectilinear) lens which provides zero distortion with straight line...
Vishal Bhardwaj, 11 Oct 2023 22:20
The Pixel 8 Pro is one of the first devices that supports Ultra HDR out of the box. (Image source: Google)

New Google Ultra HDR image format demonstrated as 'future of photography'

The first photos shot using Google's new Ultra HDR image format have been published online. Available to try out for the first time in Android 14 with the Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro, the Ultra HDR image format adds an HDR gain map to...
Alex Alderson, 11 Oct 2023 19:26
The next DJI Pocket seems destined to be sold as the Osmo Pocket 3. (Image source: @Quadro_News)

DJI Osmo Pocket 3 rumoured to launch with 1-inch camera sensor and rotating display

Specifications for DJI's next Pocket camera have emerged online. To be sold as the DJI Osmo Pocket 3, the camera will sport a 1-inch sensor, a rotating viewfinder display and support for the 10-bit D-Log M colour mode.
Alex Alderson, 10 Oct 2023 19:51
The sensor unit that goes in the camera (Image Source: I'm Back Film)

Game-changing digital film cartridge adds 20 MP micro 4/3 sensor to any 35 mm film camera

The I’m Back Film is a conversion kit that allows any 35 mm film camera to capture digital images, by placing a 20 MP Sony MFT sensor where the film would normally go, powered by a base unit that attaches to the bottom of the came...
Vishal Bhardwaj, 10 Oct 2023 10:02
Google's new Pro controls running on a Pixel 6 Pro. (Image source: Mishaal Rahman)

Google shown to be arbitrarily limiting new Pro camera controls to the Pixel 8 Pro

Google may have brought manual camera controls to its stock camera app, but it limits their usage to just the Pixel 8 Pro. It turns out that this is nothing more than a software restriction, with the Pixel 6 Pro and Pixel 7 Pro al...
Alex Alderson, 09 Oct 2023 14:48
Currently the closest lens is the NIKKOR Z 600mm f/4 TC VR S (Image Source: Nikon)

New Nikon NIKKOR Z 600mm f/6.3 PF lens with Phase Fresnel element rumoured to launch this week

The Nikon Rumors website has confirmed prior rumours about the launch of a new Nikon NIKKOR Z 600mm f/6.3 PF lens, likely to take place on or around October 10. It is said to be a relatively lightweight lens for wildlife and sport...
Vishal Bhardwaj, 09 Oct 2023 10:17
It seems that Sony's decision to strip the Xperia 5 V of a telephoto camera has not paid off. (Image source: Sony)

Sony Xperia 5 V can only match its predecessor in detailed camera tests

Despite Sony's claims, it seems that the Xperia 5 V can only match its predecessor when it comes to camera quality. Worse still, the Xperia 5 IV has the edge in zoomed-in shots thanks to its dedicated telephoto camera.
Alex Alderson, 09 Oct 2023 00:23
An in-built ring LED ensures even illumination (Image Source: SANDMARC)

SANDMARC’s tiny 40x Microscope Lens lets your iPhone capture Ant-Man like photos and videos

Accessory maker SANDMARC has launched the iPhone Microscope Lens. The add-on lens provides 40x magnification (or 200x on the iPhone 15 Pro Max’s 5x tele lens) for capturing stunning ultra-closeup images, while still being extremel...
Vishal Bhardwaj, 08 Oct 2023 20:34
The Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro may rely upon the ISOCELL GNV, not the ISOCELL GN1 or ISOCELL GN2. (Image source: Google)

Google Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro confirmed to feature new Samsung ISOCELL camera

XDA Developers has determined that the Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro both contain upgraded primary camera sensors. Unfortunately, it appears that the pair have missed out on the rumoured ISOCELL GN2. Instead, Google may be using the sam...
Alex Alderson, 07 Oct 2023 12:40


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