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PayPal stablecoin now available (Source: PayPal)

PayPal enters the crypto market with PYUSD

Previously rumored to arrive as PayPal Coin, the brand's first step into the crypto market finally took place yesterday. The PayPal USD (PYUSD) stablecoin, which will be soon traded via the PayPal apps/website, is fully backed by ...
Codrut Nistor, 08 Aug 2023 18:20
It appears as though Tesla may start accepting cryptocurrency payments once more. (Image source: Tesla)

Tesla could add Bitcoin and Dogecoin payment methods as Twitter snoop reveals several mentions of controversial cryptocurrencies in site code

After shelving Bitcoin as a payment method due to criticism over environmental concerns, it appears that Tesla may start accepting the cryptocurrency as payment for its electric vehicles in the near future. The site's code also ma...
Julian van der Merwe, 20 Jul 2023 22:57
Substantially more power efficient than previous models, but even more so expensive. (Image Source: Whatsminer)

Samsung's upcoming 3 nm gate-all-around chips discovered inside cryptomining rigs

While the first 3 nm chips from big companies like Apple could launch in late 2023, obscure companies like MicroBT already offer 3 nm technology to cryptominers for a substantial premium. MicroBT's M56S++ model was recently discov...
Bogdan Solca, 19 Jul 2023 17:35
A brand-new Bitcoin ETF might provide more support to the world's largest crypto currency  (Image: Aleksi Räisä)

Crypto comeback: Bitcoin cruises past US$30,000 barrier thanks to possible ETF approval

BlackRock's new Bitcoin ETF would give millions of Americans easy access to crypto investments, which has pushed the digital currency market to prices that haven't been seen in over twelve months. Aside from the positive developme...
Enrico Frahn, 23 Jun 2023 23:03
Is Apple hinting at something? (Image Source: CoinMarketCap)

Bitcoin whitepaper is hidden deep in Apple's macOS

The entire Bitcoin whitepaper can be accessed in pdf form through the Image Capture utility or directly opening it through a terminal command. It has been "a feature" since the 2018 Mojave update, but anonymous sources claim that ...
Bogdan Solca, 07 Apr 2023 17:57
Crypto mining rig with NVIDIA cards (image: miner69niner/Reddit, edited)

NVIDIA's Kagan lambasts crypto as useless for humanity as he touts AI

Despite the billions in profits from graphics cards bought for crypto mining rigs, NVIDIA's Chief Technical Officer confirmed that the company has a love-hate relationship with cryptocurrencies. 'I never believed that is something...
Daniel Zlatev, 27 Mar 2023 10:19
Japanese banknotes (Source: Reuters)

Japan's digital yen to begin testing in April, official launch not in sight for now

While the crypto market continues to struggle, Japanese authorities are planning to test the use of an official digital coin. The country's central bank revealed that a digital yen will be tested starting in April. Last year, Chin...
Codrut Nistor, 17 Feb 2023 12:42
Bitcoin is on the rise, but there's a long path back to the ATH value (Source: Getty Images)

Bitcoin went up 37% in the last month

After climbing more than US$6,000 in the last 30 days, Bitcoin has reached a price of over US$23,000. While this translates to a solid growth of around 37%, there is a long road ahead until the all-time high value of US$68,789.63....
Codrut Nistor, 26 Jan 2023 10:08
The fresh coat of paint also includes realistic looking inscriptions. (Image Source: Iskandar Souza)

Cryptominers are selling used GPUs as new with repainted VRAM chips

Brazilian YouTuber Iskandar Souza and GPU repair specialist Paulo Gomes expose a new scheme involving used mining GPUs sold as new from Chinese online retailers. In order to hide the yellow tint on VRAM, cryptominers are now repai...
Bogdan Solca, 25 Jan 2023 17:56
Sam Bankman-Fried has been spending time with the Bahamas Department of Correctional Services. (Image source: Wikipedia/ - edited)

Former FTX CEO Sam Bankman-Fried faces up to 115 years of jail time in the US while currently detained in tough Bahamian prison

Sam Bankman-Fried, the founder and former CEO of FTX, has been arrested and detained in the Bahamas. The entrepreneur, who has now lost his billionaire status, could end up being sentenced to as much as 115 years in prison after b...
Daniel R Deakin, 15 Dec 2022 11:32
Venture capitalist Tim Draper at the Web Summit 2022 tech conference (Source: Ben McShane)

Tim Draper: Bitcoin will hit US$250,000 by mid-2023

Although he already predicted in 2018 that Bitcoin would hit the US$250,000 threshold in less than four years, venture capitalist Tim Draper is back with another similar prediction. This time, he claims that the quarter million ba...
Codrut Nistor, 08 Dec 2022 16:00
OpenSea NFT marketplace website homepage (Source: Own)

OpenSea: NFT creators earned over US$1 billion in fees this year

According to OpenSea, NFT creators earned over US$1 billion this year so far (based on the sales concluded between January 1 and November 23 on the platform). This amount does not include grants, various incentives, or sponsorship...
Codrut Nistor, 03 Dec 2022 19:08
Bitcoin is headed to irrelevance as per ECB chief (image: Michael Förtsch/Unsplash)

Bitcoin price is on its 'last stand' as per ECB Director who warns banks against promoting it

The world's most popular cryptocurrency Bitcoin is headed to 'irrelevance,' said the European Central Bank Director General, claiming that the recent price stabilization may be a dead cat bounce. He also warns banks that they will...
Daniel Zlatev, 01 Dec 2022 20:26
Shiba Inu physical coin (Source: Etsy)

Shiba Inu now accepted for payment by Atheist Shoes

While the crypto market continues to struggle, BitPay announces a new partnership that brings a popular meme coin into the spotlight once again. Berlin-headquartered shoe manufacturer Atheist Shoes is now accepting Shiba Inu payme...
Codrut Nistor, 29 Nov 2022 08:16
The FED-backed digital dollar stable coin might launch sooner than expected. (Image Source: Computerworld)

US initiates 12-week test program for digital dollar tokens

In the aftermath of the FTX collapse, the US decided to start testing a CBDC digital dollar for the next 12 weeks. This trial program is initiated by the Federal Reserve Bank of New York and is intended to assess the feasibility o...
Bogdan Solca, 17 Nov 2022 21:40
Santander UK to block payments to crypto exchanges in 2023 (Source: Glasgow Live)

Santander will block all payments to crypto exchanges for UK customers next year

Although the timeline is not public yet, UK customers of the Santander bank will no longer be able to acquire crypto in less than a year. As a new move in its fight to protect customers from scams, the bank will block online, mobi...
Codrut Nistor, 07 Nov 2022 21:06
The new Metavertu. (Source: Vertu)

Vertu Metavertu is a new "Web3" smartphone that can be configured to cost over US$41,000

The luxury-focused smartphone brand Vertu has adopted Web3 with the new Metavertu handset. It sports a number of 'normal' flagship-grade features such as the Snapdragon 8 Gen 1-powered device and a large FHD+ AMOLED display, yet p...
Deirdre O'Donnell, 25 Oct 2022 20:27
Google teams up with Coinbase (Source: Coinbase Blog)

Google teams up with Coinbase to accept crypto payments for cloud services

The long-term strategic partnership inked by Google Cloud and Coinbase involves the ability of select Web3 customers to pay for their cloud services using select cryptocurrencies. The list of supported currencies has not been unve...
Codrut Nistor, 12 Oct 2022 09:56
The infamous EMAX ad post (image: Kim Kardashian / Instagram / edited)

Kim Kardashian banned from peddling crypto and fined US$1.26 million as the SEC cracks down on influencer scams

Kim Kardashian's brief flirt with scammy crypto advertising would cost her a 3-year ban on crypto promotions and US$1.26 million. That's the US$250,000 she received for the post touting an EthereumMax token, plus interest and a US...
Daniel Zlatev, 03 Oct 2022 18:40
A greener Ethereum is on the horizon. (Image Source: Coinpage)

Ethereum completes PoS merge, but GPU-based ETH mining is not dead yet

With the recently completed Ethereum PoS merge, the coin would effectively become unmineable via GPUs some time in 2023. However, an immediate GPU dump is unlikely, as new PoW alternatives including Ethereum Classic or the newly-c...
Bogdan Solca, 15 Sep 2022 15:07
ETH's Merge event may fall on September 15 (image:

Ethereum Merge event may land early to cut electricity use 99% as Norway explores ETH-based digital currency

The long-awaited shakeup of crypto's electricity bills in the form of Ethereum's so-called Merge event may happen as soon as Thursday instead of on the 'soft' September 19 deadline. The drastic ETH mining power draw reduction may ...
Daniel Zlatev, 12 Sep 2022 16:23
Solana claims its protocol and cryptography weren't compromised during the hack. (image: Executium/Unsplash)

Hackers drain over US$4 million from thousands of Solana wallets in yet another widespread crypto hack

Thousands of Solana wallets have been drained thanks to a widespread attack on Slope mobile wallets. According to initial investigations, the attack is only limited to software wallets as hardware wallets haven’t been breached.
Fawad Murtaza, 04 Aug 2022 10:49
Craig Wright commenting on the first 'Satoshi trial' verdict (image: TMX/Vimeo)

Satoshi Nakamoto fraud lawsuit earns 'Bitcoin inventor' Craig Wright just £1 in damages on 'false claims'

While a London High Court acknowledged the defamatory nature of social media posts debunking Craig Wright's claims that he is the Bitcoin protocol inventor Satoshi Nakamoto, the judge awarded only nominal damages to Craig. The cou...
Daniel Zlatev, 02 Aug 2022 12:35
A disgruntled Dogecoin investor from the US is taking legal steps against Elon Musk and his companies Tesla and SpaceX (Image: Kanchanara)

Elon Musk and Tesla sued for US$258 billion in alleged Dogecoin pyramid scheme

An upset Dogecoin investor claims that Musk and his companies artificially inflated the price of the well-known cryptocurrency Dogecoin, which consequently caused massive losses when the meme coin shed 93% of its value after skyro...
Enrico Frahn, 19 Jun 2022 02:57
You can now display your NFT collection on a TAG Heuer Connected Calibre E4 smartwatch. (Image source: TAG Heuer)

TAG Heuer Connected Calibre E4 gets NFT watch face feature

TAG Heuer has released a new Lens watch face feature that enables you to showcase your NFTs on a Connected Calibre E4 smartwatch. You can choose from various animated layouts and time displays. Plus, the company has partnered with...
Polly Allcock, 15 Jun 2022 13:21
Coinbase CEO preps for 'extended' crypto recession (image: Coinbase Blog)

Coinbase CEO expects a long crypto winter as the exchange lays off 1100 employees while running an NBA ad to mock pessimists

The plunge in transaction fee revenues is forcing the largest crypto exchange in the US Coinbase to do another round of layoffs, this time of 18% of its staff. 'A recession could lead to another crypto winter and could last for an...
Daniel Zlatev, 15 Jun 2022 12:25
Shiba Inu is going through tough times

Shiba Inu founder goes dark(er)

Although not much is known about Shiba Inu's creator, Ryoshi, now this mysterious person is back in the dark after he removed all the social media content he ever posted. However, this extreme move has not affected much the popula...
Codrut Nistor, 03 Jun 2022 18:54
Elon Musk has often touted Dogecoin and other crypto (image: Kanchanara/Unsplash)

Dogecoin inventor calls Elon Musk 'grifter' for propping crypto and FSD 'Ponzi' as he predicts a harder price crash

The Australian co-creator of the meme cryptocurrency Dogecoin, Jackson Palmer, has some harsh warnings about the future of crypto and doesn't mince words when it comes to Tesla's CEO Elon Musk. Musk, according to Mr. Palmer, has n...
Daniel Zlatev, 30 May 2022 08:18
Nvidia enables full LHR on RTX 3000 series cards. (Source: Nvidia)

Nvidia's latest Game Ready 512.95 driver restores LHR crypto mining limiter on Ampere cards but it is not foolproof

Nvidia has released its latest Game Ready drivers. The 512.95 drivers enable Light Hash Rate (LHR) fully once again on the RTX 3000 series cards. The drivers also bring DLSS and raytracing support for Hitman 3.
Fawad Murtaza, 27 May 2022 16:35
Robinhood is planning to launch a "web3" crypto wallet. (Source: Robinhood)

Robinhood plans to launch a non-custodial crypto wallet for web3 before 2023

After launching a custodial crypto wallet in April, Robinhood has announced that it is developing a non-custodial crypto wallet, calling it a "web3 wallet that will allow customers to have total control of their crypto." Robinhood...
Fawad Murtaza, 19 May 2022 22:53
The latest version of QuickMiner fully unlocks LHR-limited Ampere cards (Image source: NiceHash)

NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3000 series LHR mining limit gets fully bypassed: 100 percent hashrate now possible on NiceHash QuickMiner with LHR cards

NiceHash recently announced that its QuickMiner software was now capable of fully unlocking the hashrate on most Ampere LHR cards, barring the RTX 3080 12GB and the RTX 3050. This means that LHR-limited Ampere cards like the GeFor...
Arjun Krishna Lal, 09 May 2022 15:08
NVIDIA has settled a case with the SEC for US$5.5 million. (Image via NVIDIA and U.S. SEC w/ edits)

NVIDIA fined $5.5 million over failure to disclose sales to cryptocurrency miners

NVIDIA has settled charges levied against it by the United States Security and Exchange Commission (SEC). As a part of the settlement, the GPU manufacturer will pay a US$5.5 million penalty. The SEC charged NVIDIA with a failure t...
Sam Medley, 07 May 2022 05:11
NFT sales have dropped by a significant margin after peaking in September of last year (Image: Andrey Metelev)

NFT market crashes as sales figures drop by a massive 92%

The once-hyped digital tokens that are based on the blockchain technology seem to be in much less demand these days as higher interest rates prompt investors to shy away from risky and speculative bets. A full-blown NFT market cra...
Enrico Frahn, 04 May 2022 23:36
The Otherdeeds sale overwheled Ethereum's blockchain (image: Otherside)

The Bored Ape Yacht Club's Otherside NFT deeds sale burned a whopping ETH amount amid failed transactions and apologies

The Ethereum blockchain suffered one of its most challenging cryptocurrency destruction times since the hacking of the DAO forced Buterin to create a fork in the road. The culprit, a Yuga Labs Otherside metaverse land sale showere...
Daniel Zlatev, 03 May 2022 18:59
America's 401(k) retirement plans are allowing a crypto portion (image: Executium/Unsplash)

Labor Department says crypto puts Americans' retirement savings at risk as Fidelity lets Bitcoin in 401(k) pension plans

After a smaller 401(k) provider announced they are letting clients hold up to 5% of retirement savings in crypto, the Fidelity Investment behemoth one-upped the offer by allowing pension plan subscribers to save up to 20% of their...
Daniel Zlatev, 29 Apr 2022 10:01
Biostar iMiner 660MX8D2. (Source: Biostar)

Eight AMD Radeon RX 6600 GPUs in one computer: Biostar unveils the iMiner 660MX8D2

Biostar has launched the iMiner 660MX8D2, a cryptominer with eight RX 6600 GPUs. Per Biostar, the miner will deliver 248 MH/s of ETH mining performance. Biostar is advertising the rig as a "plug & play mining solution."
Fawad Murtaza, 27 Apr 2022 14:20
$SHIB owners get burn rewards via new portal (image:

Shiba Inu burning portal lets holders earn interest on their burntSHIB tokens

A centralized Shibaswap portal for burning Shiba Inu coins has been launched by the meme token community and it aims to entice holders to burn by providing them with passive income from the transactions. After $SHIB owners send th...
Daniel Zlatev, 24 Apr 2022 18:20
The Cardio Health Metabike allows you to earn crypto assets for playing games as you work out. (Image source: Cardio Health)

Cardio Health’s Metabike blends workouts with VR and crypto assets

Cardio Health has revealed the Metabike, a home exercise bike that allows you to play games as you workout. Smart pedals on the fitness device monitor your output and use this to power an avatar in a game, plus there are controlle...
Polly Allcock, 23 Apr 2022 12:53
Super Follows and Ticketed Spaces account holders can now be paid in crypto (image: Twitter)

Twitter pilots crypto payments for content monetization

Select Twitter users in the Ticketed Spaces and Super Follows programs will be able to receive their content monetization payments in USD stablecoin crypto. The move comes in partnership with fintech giant Stripe.
Daniel Zlatev, 22 Apr 2022 17:56
NFT of Jack Dorsey's first tweet put for US$48 million sale, attracts laughable bids

NFT of Jack Dorsey's first tweet put for US$48 million sale, attracts laughable bids

The first ever post by Twitter's co-founder Jack Dorsey was converted to NFT not long ago and was acquired for US$2.9 million by an investor in a charity auction set by Mr. Dorsey himself. Now, its new owner wants to resell it at ...
Daniel Zlatev, 14 Apr 2022 12:57
The new Ledger Nano S Plus crypto hardware wallet offers most Nano X features on the cheap

The new Ledger Nano S Plus crypto hardware wallet offers most Nano X features on the cheap

Ledger has launched a new crypto hardware wallet stick that sits in the sweet price spot between the beginner's Nano S, and the full-featured Ledger Nano X meant for the pros. The Ledger Nano S Plus costs just US$79, yet comes pac...
Daniel Zlatev, 10 Apr 2022 15:23
NIO sysadmin cops to mining Ethereum on the EV maker's servers, 'negatively impacting the company's system security'

NIO sysadmin cops to mining Ethereum on the EV maker's servers, 'negatively impacting the company's system security'

An employee of the electric carmaker NIO has admitted to jerry-rigging the company's servers that are used for its self-driving software and other IT applications for mining crypto. NIO's sysadmin started mining Ethereum when its ...
Daniel Zlatev, 09 Apr 2022 20:36
Her Majesty's Treasury to release an NFT soon. (Source: HM Treasury on Twitter)

Sterling out Blockchain in: Royal Mint set to mint an NFT to signal UK's positive attitude towards crypto

The Finance Minister of the UK has instructed the Royal Mint, the entity that produces Britain's coins, to mint an NFT by this summer. The NFT is meant to signify the "forward-looking approach" that the UK is taking towards crypto...
Fawad Murtaza, 07 Apr 2022 00:06
Bitcoin might hit incredible ATH in the coming months (Source: Getty Images)

Sanctions on Russia's central bank might push Bitcoin above the US$1 million mark

Although Bitcoin struggles to hit US$50,000 once again, a recent prediction claims that last year's highs of nearly US$70,000 will become a mere joke compared to the US$1,300,000 ATH expected to arrive in the coming months. "The u...
Codrut Nistor, 05 Apr 2022 16:46
Cryptocurrency miners are now employing workstation-grande hardware for their mining needs (image via @I_Leak_VN on Twitter)

Vietnamese retailer shows off multiple cryptocurrency mining rigs powered by Nvidia's enterprise-grade GeForce RTX A4000

Cryptocurrency miners have now shifted focus from gaming GPUs to enterprise-centred models. A PC parts seller from Vietnam is showing off dozens of mining rigs that use eight Nvidia's RTX A4000 workstation GPUs. Each machine can r...
Anil Ganti, 05 Apr 2022 01:18
Alleged Satoshi Nakamoto Craig Wright says he'd sell 'anti-crypto' Bitcoin that has 'no utility' as he touts his Satoshi Vision project

Alleged Satoshi Nakamoto Craig Wright says he'd sell 'anti-crypto' Bitcoin that has 'no utility' as he touts his Satoshi Vision project

Craig Wright, the self-proclaimed co-inventor of the Bitcoin protocol collective known as Satoshi Nakamoto, said he is rather disappointed with the current state of the network and might sell his bitcoins that have 'no utility.' H...
Daniel Zlatev, 02 Apr 2022 22:03
ASRock's cryptomining rig. (Image source: Bolha)

Defective PS5 chips allegedly find their way into AsRock's cryptomining rig

A cryptomining computer allegedly running twelve repurposed PS5 chips has been spotted by Twitter user Komachi. The rig looks like it is from ASRock, costs a whopping US$14,800, and has reportedly been designed in collaboration wi...
Fawad Murtaza, 31 Mar 2022 00:08
Opera has a Polygon tie-in. (Source: Opera)

The Opera browser announces support for eight blockchains in a Web3-positive move

Opera now offers access to multiple blockchains, well-known examples such as Solana and Polygon included. Its representatives indicate that they have been integrated into the browser in order to future-proof it against the anticip...
Deirdre O'Donnell, 30 Mar 2022 16:57
Blockchain integration is coming to Storybook Brawl. (Image source: Good Luck Games/Unsplash - edited)

NFT hate leads to Storybook Brawl getting torpedoed on Steam in negative review campaign

The popular card strategy game Storybook Brawl has been subject to mass negative review bombing on Steam. The increase in negative reviews ties in with the news that the game’s developer, Good Luck Games, has been bought out by cr...
Daniel R Deakin, 27 Mar 2022 14:50
Bitcoin of America adds Dogecoin to its crypto ATM machines, sending Doge price way up

Bitcoin of America adds Dogecoin to its crypto ATM machines, sending Doge price way up

Dogecoin has risen way above the crypto market average as it becomes the fourth cryptocurrency to be included as a trading token in the Bitcoin of America's chain of crypto ATMs. Shiba Inu, whose price action usually correlates wi...
Daniel Zlatev, 24 Mar 2022 14:34


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